How we're responding to COVID-19

Hi JFC’ers

It’s been a chaotic and unpredictable few weeks, with coronavirus affecting all our lives and, of course, impacting travel.

Here at JFC we’re all working from home, staying positive as always and looking at the best ways to keep your regular travel inspiration coming, whilst being responsible in the current situation.

Here’s a quick update to help answer any of your questions around flights/travel right now and let you know how we’ll be tailoring flight deals to ensure you can still take advantage of them when the time is right. 

Some changes to our deals:

  1. We’ll only be sending you deals bookable for the second half of the year and beyond - we’ll prioritise travel dates that are several months away
  2. We’ll focus on carriers that offer flexible change policies, to give you more flexibility should you need to change your travel dates
  3. As always, we’ll continue to explain clearly the details of each deal so you are fully clued-up before booking

Resources that will help:

We know that there are lots of questions around more immediate flights, what your options are with already booked trips and booking future flights, so we’ve pulled together this resource page to answer some of those questions.

And, of course, we are always on hand to answer your questions directly, so if you still need help, just drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get back to you the same day. 

It’s difficult to predict how things will change over the coming weeks. However, with many airlines adding travel waiver policies to enable change or flight cancellation, there is still loads of opportunity to uncover really great deals for the year ahead, whilst maintaining the flexibility to amend bookings. We’ll be here to share the deals to come, so we all have travel to look forward to.  

Stay safe and look out for each other.



p.s. We saw the campaign that Facebook is running to match donations to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and thought it was a good place to pledge support. We’ve made a donation and here’s the link for anyone else that would like to.

Have questions? Check out our COVID-19 FAQ resource page here.
Or contact us directly at [email protected]. Safe travels