*direct* flights to Houston, Texas (inc. XMAS&NYE) in the £300s return from Manchester (Singapore Airlines)

Swanky 5-star Singapore Airlines are back again with their non-stop route to Houston...
Swanky 5-star Singapore Airlines are back again with their non-stop route to Houston, Texas from Manchester. Loads of dates to pick from here, happily including some options over Xmas and NYE for ~£50 more (we've listed those below).

Tonnes of reasons to visit Texas, but Houston in particular is ranked by some as one of America's most diverse cities, with an amazing (while shockingly affordable) food scene. Also, possibly the best breakfast tacos on the planet - try the bacon, egg frittata at Velvet Taco (not sponsored, just tasty!)

Also, both New Orleans and Austin are just a drive away :-)

Houston (IAH) - £346


Manchester (MAN)
Travel Dates: end of August 2018 - January 2019 (including holidays)

Airline: Singapore Airlines (5-star)

Standard Fare: £650 (direct)

Bags: Checked luggage included (2x)

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This one should last a few more days at least
Here's how to book:

1. Head to Google Flights and use their handy calendar tool to find the best travel dates for your route, by locating the dates showing the lowest fares. If you prefer to book directly (higher fares, smaller change fees), then follow the link to the airline website and book. For flights over the winter holidays around the £400 mark, you can mix and match these dates:

  • 18 December - 1 January
  • 19 December - 1 January
  • 21 December - 2 January
  • 23 December - 2 January
  • 26 December - 11 January
  • 28 December - 12 January
2. To get the lowest possible fares (those listed above), head over to Momondo, re-enter your itinerary and book with an OTA (online travel agent).

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