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Our Recent Roundtrip Deals

🇯🇵 Tokyo 268 rtn
🇵🇭 Manila 282 rtn
🇨🇷 Costa Rica 319 rtn
🇺🇸 Hawaii 312 rtn
🇺🇸 New York 225 rtn
🇹🇭 Bangkok 285 rtn
🇦🇺 Sydney 468 rtn
🇿🇦 Cape Town 279 rtn

What Our Members Say

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Jeff Lewis

signed up to jack's after reading about him in the FT. bored and hanging around in an airport, I signed up for 6 months. already got some amazing alerts. Hamburg-San Francisco EUR 277 return. now just booked long weekend Brussels-bucharest EUR 40. right on Jack!

01 Apr 2019
Angelle Chang

I just booked for Seoul🥳 saving €500 for 2 such an amazing deal!!! So much looking forward to see the pink blossoms. Premium definitely worthy for me😘 - Angelle -

13 Jun 2019

@jacks_flights helped me save so much money on my flights to #Tokyo I’m actually going a year before what was planned!! 😳😍😍🎉🗼🗼

Lisa King Boyd

So far I have traveled to Beijing for €350, trips booked for Vietnam, Paraguay South America, Bali, and my first ticket for 2020...Krabi, Thailand for €290!!!

09 Apr 2019

Don’t usually do this, but things like @jacks_flights are an example of amazing customer service & just providing a damn good product that works well & gets the job done without frilly unnecessary tech. Here 👏🏽for👏🏽 it 👏🏽

Miguel Matias

This is a great idea, with fantastic opportunities! Just snatched a return flight Brussels-Bangkok with an amazing airline for half the fare! Keep up the great work Jack!

18 Apr 2019
Vonnie Sandlan

Thanks to @jacks_flights amazingly helpful email, I think I can go see my Mum in LA next Summer for HALF what I paid last year.


@jacks_flights just booked return flights to Aukland for a 2 week holiday over new years, 2 adult return for £840! I'm going with a group of mates who travelled together 12 year ago. Cheers and keep up the good work!

Stephanie Soong

Irresistible flight deals. Just booked a trip for 3 from Amsterdam to Dublin for €49 each! Normal price ranges from €150-€300+. Frequent emails (every other day) with new flight deals all around the world. Love how the emails are structured and well organized with links and date range for the deals. Especially appreciate the "Weekend Trips" series for those who are adventurous, but have to work. Highly recommend.

22 Mar 2019
Jane Carter-Dunn

Off to Cuba for Christmas courtesy of cheap flight recommendations from @jacks_flights and an @Intrepid_Travel tour. Excited but nervous for my first solo trip

Our Recent Roundtrip Deals

🇺🇸 LA 217 rtn
🇦🇪 Dubai 199 rtn
🇨🇦 Toronto 279 rtn
🇰🇷 Seoul 358 rtn
🇮🇩 Bali 379 rtn
🇨🇳 Hong Kong 337 rtn
🇳🇿 Auckland 471 rtn
🇨🇴 Bogota 405 rtn

Hi, I’m Jack

A flight hacking ninja that's obsessed with finding ridiculously cheap flight deals to amazing destinations across the globe - and sharing them with our members. We're not a flight comparison site, think of us instead as a friend that gives you a buzz when we find a really cheap flight.

Since starting Jack's Flight Club in the UK around two years ago, we’ve grown to over 1,000,000 members and have been featured in the national press, Lonely Planet and on the BBC. The good news is we've now expanded into the EU to cover flight deals for all major airports in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands!

Now, you might be wondering, “Why does he do this?” Well, I think people should be able to see the world and explore new places on any budget. It’s my passion to explore the globe – 53 countries and counting – and doing so by flying for ridiculously cheap prices :-)

And yes, I know not everyone has the time or know-how to dig out the cheapest flight deals like Bali for 213 € or Peru for 239 €. But hey, I do, and that’s why I set up this newsletter, to share them with all of you.

Questions and Answers

Is Jack’s Flight Club free to join?

Yup! Signing up to Jack’s Flight Club is free forever! You’ll receive cheap flight deals to your inbox for as long as you like! We also have a paid Premium membership option for those looking to get even more flight deals and other perks – you can read more about that below.

Which European airports do the deals depart from?

We send alerts for cheap flights departing from all airports in the United Kingdom and northern Europe. If you’ve been a subscriber for more than a few days, you’ve probably seen alerts for an airport near you.

What destinations do you look out for?

All of them! We’re on the lookout for absurdly cheap flights to all destinations worldwide, whether it’s a massive price-drop on flights to Malta, a secret sale to Los Angeles or a mispriced fare to a Tokyo, we find it and let you know about it!

Do you cover short and long haul flights?

Yes, indeed! The biggest savings are in long-haul destinations, where our deals save members over £400 (450€) per ticket on average, however we’re always on the lookout for cheap flight deals to Europe as well, and have a weekly ‘weekend-trips’ feature covering flights leaving from over 50 airports in the United Kingdom and northern Europe.

What is Jack’s Flight Club Premium?

Joining Jack’s Flight Club is completely free and as a free member you’ll be receiving one or two of our ridiculously cheap deals each week. We do also offer a paid Premium Membership which gives access to ALL the deals (4x as many), plus a few other swanky perks like weekly ‘weekend trip’ alerts and more. You can decide which membership is for you after signing up and can upgrade anytime in the future if you like - no pressure!

Do you look at budget airlines as well?

We look everywhere! Naturally, most people (us included!) prefer to fly full-service, so we look there first. However, if a budget airline is offering a spectacular deal on a weekend getaway to Prague or a flight to Iceland, you’ll be hearing about it!

How many emails will I receive?

It depends on how many insanely cheap flights we unearth. We don’t take commissions for your clicks and are not affiliated with any airlines or bookings agents, so we’ll only send you a deal when there is a genuinely fantastic fare. On average, free members can expect 6-8 awesome deals per month. Premium Membership subscribers will receive 25-40+ email alerts every month, depending on their departure airport selection.

Jack, I just booked! How can I return the favour?

Thrilled to be of help! If you are enjoying the deals, we would love for you to share Jack’s Flight Club with your friends. We’re starting a cheap flights revolution here! Oh, and send us your best travel photos from the trip!

I’ve signed up but am not receiving emails – what gives?

The best way to make sure you receive the emails is by adding our email address ([email protected]cksflightclub.com) to your address book. Do that first, and then check if they’re hiding in your spam folder. If there’s still no sign, email us at [email protected] and we’ll sort it out together.

Can you help me with a specific booking?

We’d love to help – the thing is, our club has grown so big in such a short space of time that we simply can’t keep up with the mountain of requests flying in. All I can say is that we are constantly searching for cheap flights all over the world, so keep an eye on your inbox and I’m sure your destination will come up!