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What is Jack’s Flight Club?

Jack’s Flight Club is the new way to find out about jaw-droppingly cheap flight deals from the UK to amazing destinations across the globe, saving our members an estimated £20 million on flights in the last 12 months! We’re not a flight comparison site, instead we cleverly monitor thousands of flight routes from airports all over the UK and only let our members know (via email and app) when we find a ridiculously cheap deal. Think return-trips like New York for £225, Thailand for £289, Tokyo for £248, and Bali at £312.

As a Walker Sensations flights competition entrant, you can join the club today with a free trial of our Premium membership service! You’ll get ALL our flight deals (around 7-10+ alerts each week), access to our Premium mobile app, and a host of other benefits, like regular Weekend Trip city-break roundups for trips to Europe without having to take any extra time off work.

Free 30-day Premium membership for Walkers Sensations competition entrants

Premium membership is just £35 a year, but we’ve agreed to offer exclusive 30-day FREE access to Walkers Sensations competition entrants. We’ll ask you for payment details upfront but we won’t charge the annual subscription until the end of your trial. Should you decide it’s not for you at any point before your trial is up, all you need to do is cancel by logging into your member portal (or simply send us an email us to [email protected]) and we’ll cancel you without charge

Our Recent Return Flight Deals

London to Sydney £428rtn
Manchester to Dubai £163rtn
Birmingham to New York £225rtn
Edinburgh to Shanghai £312rtn

What’s Included in Premium Membership:

  • All the top flight deal alerts

  • All error fares

  • Weekend - trip alerts

  • Premium mobile app

  • Choose your home airports

  • First dibs on flights

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • Cancel anytime

  • All the top flight deal alerts

  • Choose your home airports

  • All error fares

  • First dibs on flights

  • Weekend - trip alerts

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • Premium mobile app

  • Cancel anytime

Limited trials available Annual Membership Free Trial

Then, after 30 days your card will be charged £35 for Annual membership. Renews once a year unless cancelled.

By taking up the free trial I understand the if I do not cancel before the end of the 30 day free period that my card will be charged with the Annual membership plan at £35 per year billed annually unless cancelled. To cancel simply email and we’ll email you back to confirm.

We’ll Plant 10 trees when you go Premium

With air travel contributing to carbon emissions we want to help offset environmental impact and support less fortunate communities.

We’ll plant 10 trees for every Premium member (after the free trial period ends) through Tree’s For The Future, a non-profit dedicated to not only offsetting carbon emissions but also improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalising degraded lands in countries like Tanzania and Uganda.

Payments & Secruity

This website uses Stripe, a 256-bit encrypted connection and secure payment processor, as trusted by companies like Facebook, Kickstarter, and Unicef. Your payment information will never be stored on our website.

What Our Members Say

Avg. 4.98 Rating (1565+ Reviews)

Umesh Kumar

I love being a premium member with @jacks_flights - thanks to Jack for hooking me up with return flights on Virgin Atlantic from London to San Francisco for £287! Roll on March 2019! #traveladdict #jacksflightclub #traveldeals

Alexandra Rees

I resisted signing up: Despite positive reviews from friends, I was cynical. Deeply regret stonewalling... I saved about £200 on the price of an LHR-JFK direct return during Memorial Weekend. 100% worth signing up for premium. Love this.

27 Dec 2018
Tess Marczewski-Newman

Great service - well worth the money to buy premium if you book even one flight, it'll save you hundreds of pounds - thanks!

05 Oct 2018
Jessica Valentine

Joined premium subscription yesterday and already got an amazing deal on flights to New York! Best way to start the year 😀 Customer service is second to none! Thanks Jack & team!

04 Jan 2019
Krystian Groom

Absolute steal on New York flights thanks to @jacks_flights, £240 direct return LHR - JFK with @British_Airways. Well worth annual subscription!

Sheri Allen

This is a well kept secret in travel! My VIP membership was money well spent as I saved nearly 50% on direct flights with BA to the Seychelles for our 1st wedding anniversary, so exciting as now we can spend more on our hotels and excursions!! Thanks JACK 🙂 <3 from Sheri & Paul

10 Sep 2018
Donna Rae Dailey

Wow! Our membership in Jack's Flight Club paid off big-time today. Thanks to his fare alerts, we got a great fare on Virgin/Delta and saved nearly £ 1000 on our annual flight to Phoenix. Thanks Jack! @jacks_flights

Simon Roberts

Booked Houston for 2 Adults and 1 Child in the summer school holidays, just over £700 for of us. Incredible, so pleased I signed up for your premium service and got to know about this absolute bargain!

11 Oct 2018

@jacks_flights just booked return flights to Aukland for a 2 week holiday over new years, 2 adult return for £840! I'm going with a group of mates who travelled together 12 year ago. Cheers and keep up the good work!

Anu Ann

I travel lots and spending circa £30.00 on premium membership just saved me several hundred pounds on a flight to Australia next month. Forget KFC,... JFC have all the finger licking deals you need!

23 Oct 2018

I've been telling the world and his mother about @jacks_flights since we booked our flights to #Thailand for next year for only £650 return BUSINESS!!! #PremiumMember #WorthPaying #traveldeal #cheaptravel

Tess Marczewski-Newman

Great service - well worth the money to buy premium if you book even one flight, it'll save you hundreds of pounds - thanks!

05 Oct 2018
Bloomie Bloomster

@jacks_flights premium membership so worth it! just booked end of year multi trip from LGW >HK > Oz > HK>LGW for £640 with Cathay Pacific. Awesome price.

Paul Barton

@SaraLWalton @jacks_flights It’s worth paying for premium. I love it! My next three long hauls are because of JFC.

Arya The Unruly

@jacks_flights You are killing me with all these amazing flight deals! So glad I signed up to the premium service

Hi, I’m Jack

Just over 2 years ago, I started Jack’s Flight Club, where we unearth and send out insanely cheap flight alerts from airports all over the UK. We’ve since grown to a community of more than 1 million members and have been featured in places like the Sunday Times, Lonely Planet and even on the BBC! If you’ve got any questions about our membership, read the FAQs below and feel free to reach out to us using the link at the bottom.

Your Questions Answered

Is my payment information safe?

Completely. Our website uses a 256-bit encrypted connection and one of the most widely used secure payment systems: Stripe. These payment processors are trusted by organisations such as Facebook, Twitter, and UNICEF. Our website does not store your payment card details.

Can I cancel any time?

Of course. I only want you paying for Premium if you absolutely find it valuable. You can cancel your subscription anytime by sending me a quick note at [email protected] If you choose to cancel within your 30 day Premium trial period you won’t be charged anything.

How many cheap flight alerts can I expect to receive?

It depends on how many I can unearth, but on average Premium Members can expect 25 to 40 deals per month from airports within the United Kingdom & Ireland.

Do these fares get honoured?

The vast majority of the fares we find are just really, really good deals and honoured 100% of the time. On the occasion that we spot an error fare, we’ll let you know that there is a chance the airline may choose to refund your ticket within a few days of booking, should they decide to not honour the fare. However, from our experience most error fares get honoured as well!

I have to make travel plans months in advance, are these deals for me?

While I do sometimes find last minute deals, most of the deal alerts we send out are for fares 2-11 months out, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your ducks in a row before your trip comes around!

What is the Weekend Trips Email for European city-breaks?

This is a Premium Member feature. Once each week, I scour the web for cheap, convenient European city break flights from every possible airport. I do my best to find you the best value option taking into account bank holidays, ideal flight times, and other factors to make sure you get the most (and use up the least) of that precious holiday allotment. These have been especially popular for those looking for a few extra holidays each year without having to ask the boss for time off ?

Do you cover business class deals too?

We do when we see a really good one! While the majority of our deals are in economy, we do also keep an eye out on Premium Economy and Business Class fares. When we spot an excellent value deal in business class, we’ll alert you ?

Which airports will the Premium Membership cover?

I send alerts for cheap flights departing all airports in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium & the Netherlands. If you’ve been a subscriber for more than a few days, you’ve probably seen alerts for an airport near you. Check out some of the recent deals listed above for examples.
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