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Flights to Greece, Croatia, Malta and Cyprus at under £100 return from all over UK (Easyjet)

Some short-haul action here on a Thursday! Easyjet have just released the timetable
Some short-haul action here on a Thursday! Easyjet have just released the timetable for their Spring 2019 which means some solid early-bird fares out there to be had. Not all of these will be super rates, but there are some real gems in there to destinations that are typically on the pricey side - Malta, Croatia, Hurghada (Egypt), Cyprus and Greece all show some good looking options!

You'll see the dates & availability will often differ depending on the route, with some having more availability than others. Make sure to play around with the Google Flights calendar tool to find the lowest fares on your desired route :-)

P.S. these are the best single-passenger fares we've spotted between March - June. Most routes will go even a tad lower if you book multiple seats at once.
Returns from Manchester (MAN):

Malta (MLA) - £54
Paphos (PFO) - £81
Catania (CTA) - £44
Sardinia (OLB) - £52
Corsica (BIA) - £70
Pisa (PSA) - £52
Madeira (FNC) - £61
Dubrovnik (DBV) - £71
Split (SPU) - £60
Corfu (CFU) - £65
Dalaman (DLM) - £109

Returns from London (STN/LGW/LTN/SEN):

Hurghada (HRG) - £145
Dalaman (DLM) - £90
Paphos (PFO) - £75
Larnaca (LCA) - £80
Madeira (FNC) - £71
Split (SPU) - £53
Dubrovnik (DBV) - £62
Malta (MLA) - £54
Corfu (CFU) - £64
Catania (CTA) - £56
Palmero (PMO) - £57
Sardinia (OLB) - £58
Catania (CTA) - £52
Alghero (AHO) - £48
Pisa (PSA) - £54

Returns from Bristol (BRS):

Mallorca (PMI) - £45
Madeira (FNC) - £63
Sardinia (OLB) - £56
Catania (CTA) £56
Dubrovnik (DBV) - £80
Pisa (PSA) - £50
Sofia (SOF) - £52

Returns from Liverpool (LPL):

Malaga (AGP) - £59
Lanzarote (ACE) - £66

Returns from Newcastle (NCL):

Malta (MLA) - £56
Corfu (CFU) - £50
Rhodes (RHO) - £85
Malaga (AGP) - £54

Returns from Edinburgh (EDI):

Alicante (ALC) - £69
Tenerife (TNS) - £74
Paphos (PFO) - £94

Returns from Glasgow (GLA):

Mallorca (PMI) - £48
Split (SPU) - £65
Kos (KGS) - £75
Alicante (ALC) - £76

Returns from Belfast (BFS):

Malaga (AGP) - £53
Split (SPU) - £54
Alicante (ALC) - £55
Ibiza (IBZ) - £66
Dubrovnik (DBV) - £66

Travel Dates: mostly March - June 2019

Airline: Easyjet

Standard Fare: £120 - £300

Bags: Cabin bag included only

Book by:
Some of these will go quickly, while others will last a few days at least

Note: Jack's Flight Club does not partner with nor receive referral fees from any of the sites linked below. Our only incentive is to help you snag a great fare.
Here's how to book:

1. Head to Google Flights and use their handy calendar tool to find the best travel dates for your route, by locating the dates with the lowest fares. If you prefer to book directly (higher fares, lower change fees), then follow the link to the airline website and book.

Important: Remember to use the 'Trip Length' tool located at the bottom of the calendar, which pops up when you click to change the dates. As you adjust it, the prices will update on the calendar for whichever route you're searching for.

Easyjet also have a nifty tool to help you find the lowest fares - you can check it out here.

New here? Here is everything you need to know about using Google flights, Momondo/Skyscanner, when/where/how to book and other tips to snagging a flight deal :-)

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