Travel Abroad Grant Terms and Conditions (US)

Terms & Conditions

The purpose of the Jacks Flight travel award  is to provide students with the financial assistance needed to undertake placements that achieve the following:

- Help people or communities in need

- Help Animals in need

- Help make a positive impact on the world?

- Allow the student to achieve their full potential through travel

In order to be eligible to apply for the award applicants must:

- Be a registered JFC Member (free or premium)

- Submit an Application form, no later than the stated date through our online application form.

- Fulfil all other requirements of the application process, such as a social media post confirming your application which must be publicly viewable on candidate review.

- Cannot have applied for the travel grant previously. It is one application per person, per lifetime.

How winners will be selected:

- After the closing date listed on the application form all application forms will be reviewed

- All finalists will be notified no later than 2 weeks from the date of closing

- 3 Finalists will be selected 

-  1 winner will be selected from the final 3 applicants by three weeks following the end of the application period.

What we require of finalist:

- A social media post confirming their win using #jackstravelaward which is set to publicly viewable and details at least one sentence with what the candidate hopes to achieve during their program

- 3 social media? posts during their placement showing the work they are doing and using  both #Jackgotmehere #Jackstravelaward

- The social media platform these posts can be posted on can include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok or other social platforms as individually approved by Jack’s Flight Club prior to your application

What the award can be used for:

- All travel expenses

- Any accommodation costs

- Any secondary costs associated with your chosen program, such as Visa fees, application processing, or other miscellaneous program fees

How the recipient of the awarded monies will be disbursed:

- On a winner being chosen, the recipient will be notified and requested to share their preferred money transfer method: Paypal or via wire transfer. If via wire transfer, the recipient will be required to share typical banking information to process the transfer.

- Runners up who are awarded JFC membership but not as recipients of our grant will be signed up for their complimentary JFC membership with the email address shared in the application form

What cannot be included in any social media posts or profiles associated with the applicant:

- Alcohol

- Any illegal substances

- Any activities that would cause harm or upset people, animals or the environment.

- If the social media posts breach any of the above or cause any harm to the JFC brand the money would have to be returned by the finalist

Other Information:

- The 2 runners up will be given a 6-month trial of JFC premium

-  The winner will get a free 12-month premium membership and $500 towards their placement.