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Deal Intro — I’ll give you some quick details here about each deal and anything else pertinent to make sure you’re fully informed about all options.

If I’ve travelled there before, I’ll sometimes add some tips about the destination as well ;-)

1) A list of all departure and destination airports included in the deal and the best priced option we’ve found from each of them.

2) Availability dates for the deal.

3) Other details such as airline, luggage allowance, and how much the standard fare for this route normally costs.

4) How long we think this deal will last before fares jump back up, based on our experience.

Important: This part is only an estimate as any deal can expire at any time

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Deal proof! A snapshot showing an example itinerary with the cheap fare my team and I found. This is typically what you should see when pressing the blue example itinerary link when the deal is still available.

Some destination-inspiration to keep us all dreaming :-)

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