How does Jack get me reaaaally cheap secret flight deals?

We’re not another flight comparison site – there are plenty of those already. Instead, think of Jack as a helpful friend, who gives you a buzz when he’s found a ridiculously cheap flight deal like say: London to New York for £225 return or Manchester to Peru for £319 return!


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Cheers Jack :)

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Happy Travellers

“I’ve saved £945.50 and counting, as planning to book more flights! Jack’s Flight Club has allowed me to be more adventurous with holiday plans within my budget. I’ve purchased three return flights, to Havana for £131.50 instead of £700, Entebbe (Uganda) for £237 instead of £450 and St Petersburg for £136 instead of £300!"

Mouhamadou Ndiaye

September, 2017

Saved £945 on flights!

"Jack saved my wife and I more than £1,000 on our honeymoon flights to Hawaii! We're definitely looking forward to cocktails from coconuts on the beach in Maui, seeing the active volcanos (hopefully a helicopter flight), and the sun rise over Haleakalā!"

Tim Jones

August, 2017

Saved £1,000 on flights!

“I've just booked your Tokyo deal for my husband and I at £248!! We've been dreaming of visiting Japan for years and have now decided add on an extra week since you've saved us so much on the flights.
Keep up the amazing work Jack!!!”

Colette Kelly

February, 2017

Saved £502 on flights!

"So thrilled. Going to New Zealand in November. Paid £500 each for our tickets which is unheard of. In the past we have paid £1000 (during peak times) so a £500 saving each! Your notifications have reignited my passion and excitement for travel.”

Miriam Ingram

September, 2017

Saved £1,000 on flights!

“We got direct flights Manchester to Houston with Singapore Airlines for £260! Best economy flight we've ever been on. Did a roadtrip around Texas and week in New Orleans! ?? I've always wanted to go to New Orleans but flights were too expensive. Brilliant bargain.”

Misa Williams

August 2017

Saved £880 on flights!

“We just got back from 2 weeks in Sri Lanka after grabbing tickets on your deal for £320 return, per person! Words cannot describe what a wonderful time we had. Thank you Jack, I doubt we'd choose to go without your help with tickets easily at £600 or more.”

Zilvinas Tamutis

August, 2017

Saved £840 on flights!

Our recent roundtrip deals:

  • London to Bangkok Rtn: £265
  • Manchester to New York City Rtn: £179
  • Edinburgh to Shanghai Rtn: £212
  • London to Iceland Rtn: £35
  • Birmingham to Lima, Peru Rtn: £312
  • London to Los Angeles Rtn: £199

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