About Us

Jack's Flight Club is a community of many people looking for one thing: getting to the destination for less. Whether you're wishing you could find a way to reunite with friends, explore the far corners of the world or simply nab a break from the daily grind, we've got you covered. We're your ticket to where you want (or end up being inspired) to go, without breaking the bank on flights - we make it possible for you to experience more. If you've hit us up on social media or replied to one of our email alerts, you'll likely have heard from one of the team.

Meet the travel enthusiasts behind Jack’s Flight Club, dedicating themselves to finding you all the smartest cheap flights out there!

Our Team


Chief Flight Finder

Jack originally founded JFC while searching for cheap flights all day on his laptop. He's still doing that today.
Favourite trip: Sri Lanka
Next up: Mexico City


Chief Marketing Guy

Having met Jack in a Spanish course in Valencia, Phil's been with JFC from the very start. He leads the way in spreading the word about Jack's Flight Club.
Favourite trip: Nepal
Next up: Panama


Flight Finder Lead

Tristan is a regular flight geek - he pilots our team of flight hackers to find the best deals from the UK & Ireland - all day, every day.
Favourite trip: Toronto
Next up: Vietnam


Social Media Guru

Danni is constantly serving up that inspiration / FOMO - and keeping in touch with the growing community of JFCers across all our social media platforms.
Favourite trip: Sardinia
Next up: Oman


Member Experience Expert

Eva's fielding queries left and right - she's also the one keeping track of where we've sent our members to, thanks to your responses when you book a deal.
Favourite trip: Austria
Next up: Australia


Chief Tech Wizard

Javier is our Chief Tech Wizard and fronts the tech team, helping to develop our website & app to ensure our members get their flight deals!
Favourite trip: Cuba & Cayo Santa María
Next up: Panamá


Senior Developer Wizard

1 half of the developing dream team - Anton knows his stuff and is always there to help!
Favourite trip: Austria
Next up: Hungary


Senior Developer Wizard

Denny, the other half of the developing dream team, has been with us since the beginning and is an integral part of our team!
Favourite trip: New Zealand
Next up: Netherlands


Flight Hacker Extraordinaire

Kate is your holiday hero, keeping a keen eye on all the lowest fares, putting together our fab deals and making sure you get the best booking out there!
Favourite trip: China
Next up: South Africa


Flight Hacker Extraordinaire

Genora helps you find the best deals to make your travel dreams come true, and makes our witty introductions while she's at it!
Favourite trip: London
Next up: Antigua


Flight Hacker Extraordinaire

Andreia is one of our fab Flight-Finding experts, scanning all channels across the web for those great deals that make for extra-memorable holidays!
Favourite trip: Mexico
Next up: Iceland


Growth Marketing Ninja

Kiran handles our growth marketing, reaching more like-minded people online to join JFC and share our deals.
Favourite trip: Egypt
Next up: Barcelona City


Full Stack Developer Wizard

Veselina is an MVP on our Developers team, making sure all our bugs get ironed out and we keep offering the best tech possible to our members :)
Favourite trip: Mexico
Next up: Dubai

Josh C.

Member Experience Expert

Josh is the person you want to be talking to in the inbox, he's the one taking everything in his stride, sending you the best advice, and making sure you're all taken care of. Go, Josh, go!
Favourite trip: Australia
Next up: Maldives


Flight Hacker Extraordinaire

Marnae is one of our fabulous flight finders, making sure our members get the cream of the crop and book all the deals. She also makes sure our writing is in top shape, thank her for our excellent booking guides :)
Favourite trip: Scotland
Next up: Italy


Chief Operations Guy

Robin's our air traffic controller, helping ensure smooth operations across the business between teams as well as looking after product development.
Favourite trip: Western US
Next up: Corsica


Flight Hacker Extraordinaire

Katy is constantly on the scroll for the best deals all over the world and is our savvy travel-tip finder, keeping us in the know for all the best local spots.
Favourite trip: Martinique
Next up: Poland & Ukraine


Member Experience Expert

Andrea is our smooth sailing support person, helping out with queries and getting people booking trips. If you've written us on Facebook, email or chat, you've benefitted from her expert advice :)
Favourite trip: Saint Maarten
Next up: Hawaii


Member Experience Lead

Have you ever written to us and had your question answered so fast your head spins? Yup, you've probably met Jo, putting the 'expert' in her job. She's handy with answering your questions on socials and chat, too!
Favourite trip: Mauritius
Next up: Australia


Sensational Senior Editor

JFC's very own wizard of words, perfect penman, storytelling savant! If you've opened one of our emails then you'll know what we're talking about. He's the one that allows us to vicariously travel (on some idle Tuesday) by transporting us to Tropical Islands using nothing but his exceptional editorial skills!
Favourite trip: Thailand
Next up: Japan


Flight Hacker Extraordinaire

Larissa joins us as our fabulous Flight Finding guru, searching up all the deals and pulling up all the seat discounts. If you're reading a great tip in one of our city breaks, it's probably hers ;)
Favourite trip: Istanbul
Next up: New York City!