How to read a Jack's Flight Club email alert

When one of our emails lands in your inbox, it’s going to look a little something like the image below.


Before even clicking into it, you can already tell a lot of information from the subject, which we’ve broken down into five red boxes.

1: This is where we’d highlight any special feature of the fare, e.g. it’s non-stop, has peak summer dates, or in this case, it includes a free checked bag.

2: This is the destination. Sometimes there is more than one, but here it’s just Jakarta.

3: Here is the price of the return fare. You may also see this listed as a range, but in this example it’s £431 return.

4: Then it’s the travel dates this price works for.

5: Finally, you’ll see the airline(s) at the very end.

Like the look of what you see? Perfect, let’s open it up!

Inspiration and introduction

Right at the top of the page, we’ll set the scene with an image straight from the destination itself—or at least our favourite, if there's more than one.

Below the image, you’ll find a brief introduction to the flights we’ve found. We’ll usually outline any relevant details you might need to know about the fares, and then we’ll include our JFC tips for your visit. These are usually interesting and unusual things to do and see – we pride ourselves on steering clear of the tourist traps to earn you serious brownie points with your travel buddies. 

 For extra inspo, try clicking on one of the in-text links, chances are, it’ll take you somewhere cool! 

Note:  We are not affiliated and do not receive any fees from the websites we link in the intro. Our only incentive is to inspire your future travels!

Occasionally, if it’s a lesser-known destination, or we’ve got some extra know-how, we may include an ‘After you land’ section. Here, we would provide extra detail and practical tips on what to do after touching down.

Okay, let’s scroll down a bit further…

The details

On the left, will be a list of all departure and destination airports included and the best priced option we’ve found from each of them.

Then on the right, starting from the top, you’ll see the travel dates once again. This time we may also highlight if these include or exclude particular holidays like Christmas or Easter.

Below, is the airline(s) and our estimation of the standard fare price.

Then, it’s the bags and fees information. Here, we will list if bags or seat selection are included in the fare price, and if not, we’ll tell you how much they cost. 

Finally, based on our experience, we will make a judgment on how long we think the fare will last before the price jumps back up. Although, this is just a guideline, and you should always book sooner rather than later as fares can change at any time.

Booking Instructions

This is where we tell you exactly which websites are offering the fare and instructions on how to book it. Usually, this involves finding your dates on Google Flights by clicking the blue button, as shown in the example above.

There may also be situations where we advise finding your dates directly on the airline’s website. In these cases, the blue button may look different. e.g ‘Find on Lufthansa’, or another airline instead. 

Sometimes we advise booking with an online travel agent to get the cheapest price. In the example email, shown below, you can see there was a ‘step 2’ which recommended booking with an OTA through Momomdo.

Stay in touch!

Don’t forget to let us know if you do end up booking, we love reading all about your adventures!

And, if you ever have any travel related questions or just feel like saying hello, make sure to drop us a message on one of our socials :-) 

You can visit our F.A.Q. page should you want some more information on our service.

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