Jack’s Flight Club & Trees for the Future

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Trees planted so far!

*Last updated: April, 2024

Since May 2019, Jack’s Flight Club has partnered with Trees for the Future (TREES), a non-profit that’s dedicated to training farmers in agroforestry and sustainable land use - so that they can build vibrant regional economies, thriving food systems and a healthier planet. We've now planted over 1.6 million trees thanks to our premium members. 


Since the early days, environmental awareness has been a hot topic around the (virtual) water cooler at Jack’s Flight Club. As a company focused on unlocking travel possibilities, we realise we have a responsibility to be aware of the environmental impact that travel, particularly air travel can have. With this initiative we hope to support, at least in part, local, impoverished communities in some of the countries that need it most and offset some of the harmful effects that travel can have on the environment. 

With our partnership with Trees for the Future (TREES), for 2023 ownards, we’ve committed to planting 5 trees for every member that upgrades to our Premium membership (across any of our plans; quarterly, semi-annual and annual). 

Over the last 30 years, Trees for the Future have planted over 155 million trees, and, with their regenerative agriculture programs, have changed the lives of tens of thousands of people. To find out more about their inspiring work, visit their website.

More about our commitment:

How many trees will I have planted over the course of my membership?

When you first sign up as a Premium paying member of Jack’s Flight Club we'll add another 5 trees to our commitment and send the funds to plant new batches quarterly.


Good question! We did a lot of research to find out which charity would be the best suited for us to work with. We choose the Trees for the Future program for both the impact the program has on the local communities in the areas it works with, as well as their tree planting program. You can look over their Charity Navigator rating here.

Additionally, TREES has been a global leader in agroforestry for over 30 years and is now a UN World Restoration Flagship programme, recognized as one of the best large-scale ecosystem restoration efforts on the planet.. Their signature methodology, the Forest Garden Approach, helps farmers transform their land with thousands of fast-growing, ecologically appropriate trees and dozens of other crops, creating new possibilities for themselves and their communities. By embracing sustainable land practices, farmers are reclaiming their agency, breaking the cycles of climate change and generational poverty, and rebuilding our food systems from the ground up. 

We know that air travel can create significant carbon emissions and by encouraging air travel we are contributing to this problem. But the offsetting of carbon emissions is far from an exact science. We therefore wanted to partner with an organisation that addresses the root cause of unsustainable land use. TREES sees another way forward, confronting these challenges by serving the people at the heart of our global food systems: farmers and their families. With the appropriate knowledge, resources, and tools, farmers have the power to restore entire landscapes, repair our planet, and build sustainable food systems for themselves and their communities. TREES ensures that farmers have the opportunity to create new possibilities—and it all starts with trees.

Is this for both Free and Premium members?

This program is for Premium upgrades only, meaning a portion of the revenue that we make as a business is donated to TREES each quarter. 



With each upgrade and the lifetime impact of your 5 trees, we hope to make a difference and create momentum for future projects. Whilst we all know air travel won't be going anywhere anytime soon, hopefully, we can help encourage the conversation for how companies can drive environmental awareness.

We are always interested in finding further ways we can improve our impact on the environment and open to hearing suggestions on how we can do more! 

If you’ve got any ideas, send us a message to [email protected]!