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@jacksflightsUK helped me save so much money on my flights to #Tokyo I’m actually going a year before what was planned!! 😳😍😍🎉🗼🗼

Gift Angela

@jacksflightsUK just booked flights to New York for my birthday in September for £288. Jack you’re the plug 👊 https://t.co/0YUq5CjND2

Emma Berry

Huge thanks to @jacksflightsUK for the business class flight deals to Abu Dhabi! We had the most comfortable flights ever with BA and the best 10 days in Dubai over New Year! If you don’t already use Jacks Flight Club I highly recommend (it’s free!) ✈️ ☀️ https://t.co/zDwSGW5EGC

Marc Roberts

Love that @jacksflightsUK just saved me over £600 on upcoming flights to Brazil, how cool is that ‽


@jacksflightsUK just booked return flights to Aukland for a 2 week holiday over new years, 2 adult return for £840! I'm going with a group of mates who travelled together 12 year ago. Cheers and keep up the good work!

JC Morley

Just had a toast to @jacksflightsUK on our last night in Vietnam. Thanks to them we had the holiday of a damn lifetime. https://t.co/eDtZdQbpv6


I've been telling the world and his mother about @jacksflightsUK since we booked our flights to #Thailand for next year for only £650 return BUSINESS!!! #PremiumMember #WorthPaying #traveldeal #cheaptravel

Paul Barton

@jacksflightsUK Ok this is getting silly now 🤣. Flights to cayo coco booked for March 2019. The fourth JFC booking in 4 months. You are supposed to save me money not bankrupt me! 🙄

Denise Canales

Thank you to @jacksflightsUK I’ve just booked a trip to visit the familia! For £237 return!! #nyc #grateful

Donna Rae Dailey

Wow! Our membership in Jack's Flight Club paid off big-time today. Thanks to his fare alerts, we got a great fare on Virgin/Delta and saved nearly £ 1000 on our annual flight to Phoenix. Thanks Jack! @jacksflightsUK


This will be me on a flight to Mexico for NYE/ my 30th birthday. No alcohol necessary, just drunk on the fact that we only paid £342pp rtn thanks to @jacksflightsUK. https://t.co/UKjr0hzFIJ

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