Departure Countries

While we originally started in United Kingdom & Ireland, we continue to expand to new countries to find great deals. For now, here is a list of the countries we monitor deals from (click on your country to sign up for the alerts!):

United Kingdom 🇬🇧
Ireland 🇮🇪
Belgium ðŸ‡§ðŸ‡ª
The Netherlands ðŸ‡³ðŸ‡±
Germany ðŸ‡©ðŸ‡ª
Sweden ðŸ‡¸ðŸ‡ª
Denmark ðŸ‡©ðŸ‡°
Luxembourg 🇱🇺
Norway ðŸ‡³ðŸ‡´
United States 🇺🇸

If you'd like to receive alerts for deals departing from any of those countries, just enter your email address at the top of the linked page. If you'd like to sign up to be notified for when we expand to your region, let us know here and we'll notify you when we're there: sign up to be notified.

If you're already signed up to receive alerts and would like to change the area you receive alerts for, send us an email at [email protected] for us to lend a hand :)