Fare compare - makes comparing online travel agents easy!

At JFC, we love helping our members find cheap flights. To make it even easier, we created a browser extension so you can find the best deal when you book your next holiday.

If you’ve ever used a site like Skyscanner or Momondo to find flights via an online travel agent (OTA), you know that it can be pretty annoying to have to re-enter your itinerary over and over again when hunting down the cheapest price (especially if you’re comparing across different dates or destinations). 

Also, it turns out that not every OTA out there is listed on just one of these sites. So, if you’re not comparing prices across platforms, you could be missing out on serious savings. 

Enter: JFC’s Fare Compare extension. It searches multiple sites for your specific itinerary, meaning you can quickly and easily find which OTA has the absolute best price for your dates. 

Because you’ll cut down the time you spend searching for the best deal, you can bag a bargain when you see it (and before the airline puts the price up). 

Try our extension for free, available on these browsers:          

How does it work? 

The Fare Compare extension works by taking your initial Google Flights search and repeating it on (up to) two other sites (out of Skyscanner, Momondo or Kayak) without you having to input anything manually.

Your search doesn’t have to be a basic round trip, either. Fare Compare can work with: 

  • Return, one-way and multi-city searches 
  • Multiple passenger searches 
  • Different flight classes 

And, Fare Compare will take into account your location and currency to make sure you’re only seeing accurate results. 

Why start with a Google Flights search? 

We recommend starting with Google Flights as it gives you an easy-to-navigate search for your specific dates and destination. You'll have the flexibility to use several filters (like how long you want your layovers to be, or how many stops you'd like to take along the way), and you can compare prices directly from the airline. 

They also have a calendar tool, which shows you when it's the cheapest time to fly. If you need a hand on navigating the site, head over to our guide on using Google Flights for a full run-down. 

Once you've got a good idea of the fares from the airline, you can then look into checking the OTA price for your itinerary to see if you can get it cheaper than what the airlines can offer. 

I know how to use Skyscanner/Momondo/Kayak - why do I need this extension?

Websites like Skyscanner, Momondo or Kayak are known as OTA aggregators, meaning they compile hundreds of different OTA fares in one place.

Because there are different OTAs listed across each of these sites, the only way you can know you’ve found the lowest price for your trip is if you search through all of them. Obviously, that can take a really long time if you need to do it one-by-one.

The Fare Compare extension allows you to do this comparison easily, without having to plug in your dates/destinations on each site separately.

How do I use the extension to find the cheapest price for my trip? 

Once you’ve installed the extension on your browser of choice, go to the extension settings and choose which OTA aggregator/s you’d like to use in your search: 

Then, head to Google Flights. Fill in your itinerary and once your search results come up, click through until you see the extension pop up in the right-hand corner of your screen. 

Click on the extension pop-up, and you’ll see new tabs open on your browser - these are your search results via Skyscanner, Momondo and/or Kayak. 

It’ll probably take 10-15 seconds for the OTA aggregator to finish searching your itinerary. Once each page is fully-loaded, you can see all the OTA options for your trip, including the cheapest fares available. From there, choose the OTA you’d like to book with. 

And that’s it! You know you’ve found the absolute cheapest option for your dates without all the extra effort. Job done :-) 

Why does the extension need permission to read and change my data? 

When you download the extension for the first time, you’ll see a message pop up to let you know that Fare Compare can read and change your data on Google. 

This is because the extension needs to know when you're on the Google Flights site, so it can bring up the compare button on the page. Google does actually audit the code of our extension, which means it's checked for any malicious behaviour. 

We hope that our Fare Compare Extension helps you find more cheap flights! If you’ve got any questions, suggestions for new features, or want to report a bug, please email [email protected]