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We all need a bit of good news right now, don’t we?

OK, settle in, it's story time: on a flight from Pittsburgh to Orlando this week, Tamara Panzino was quietly reading a book with her earbuds in when she heard a commotion from further down the aisle.

A three-month-old baby had stopped breathing - and the retired nurse sprang into action.

"(The father) held it while I did a sternal rub, kind of an aggressive shake of the chest. Get the baby to react by pinching it. Trying to make it cry or take a deep breath," Tamara told CNN.

After a terrifying couple of minutes, the baby began to breathe again and its colour returned.

"The baby was going to be good. The color came back. I heard breathing sounds. Heard a heartbeat. Oh, my gosh, total relief."

Whew. Well done, Tamara.

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PS: Looking for a little more positivity? We know a lot of you are still wondering about when Japan is going to fully open up, and there continue to be promising noises on that front.

Just days after scrapping after its 'guided tour only' ruling, rumours are swirling that the Japanese government will announce a full return to independent travel to be implemented by October.


Your Next Trip: Marvellous Morocco

In our regular feature, we offer tips, advice and travel inspiration in response to your questions.

Ooh, this is a tricky one, reader! (And well done on nabbing those cheap flights.)

So Agadir itself does have a ton to recommend it for a short break, so we completely get your hesitation - we’d half be tempted to stick around for the full four nights.

Beside the beach, the souk and the old palace ruins, there are also some great day trip options: hop in a car and you’ll be able to take in the Medina Agadir (an impressive reconstruction of the city’s old medina after it was destroyed in the 1960 earthquake), the 80,000 acre Souss-Massa National Park, and the hidden canyons of Paradise Valley.

However, there are also some absolutely brilliant villages, towns and cities to stay and experience within reasonable distance of Agadir (so you won't have to worry about circling around for the return flight) - so in our professional opinion, see if you can fit in a second destination as well!

In particular, we'd strongly consider booking a side-adventure to one of the following incredible stop-offs:

#1: Tagazhout or Imsouane. If you or your kids have any interest in water-sports, you probably owe it to yourselves to check out one of Morocco’s two premier surf villages (also well equipped when it comes to yoga classes, vegan restaurants, etc) which are both handily located within a short drive to the north of Agadir and feature year-round waves.

Tagazhout is still arguably the more famous destination - with ‘Killer Point’ seeing large crowds of surfers throughout the year - so we’d be tempted to drive a bit further north to the extremely beautiful village of Imsouane and spend a night there in relative seclusion.

Tigmi Blue is a delightful, family-owned and reasonably-priced bed and breakfast close to Imsouane’s beach, which we’d thoroughly recommend - owners Bruno and Severine can also help with surf lesson bookings, mountain biking, and run traditional Moroccan cooking workshops.

#2: Tafraoute. Take a three-hour drive inland from Agadir (often on dirt roads for a bit of extra adventure) and you’ll find yourself in a different Morocco entirely - the red granite of the Anti-Atlas Mountains, and the Berber heartland of the country.

Nestling amongst those granite peaks is Tafraoute - an absolutely stunning traditional town of sand-and-pink-coloured buildings, still relatively undiscovered by tourists, and famed for its friendly residents, Wednesday markets, and almond production.

Again, we’d suggest booking in at a guest house rather than a hotel - Maison Tigmi Ozro is a good bet - and spending a day or two wandering through the streets, exploring the mountains, or visiting nearby Berber villages.

While you’re there, you may also want to check out the ‘Painted Rocks’, a bright blue-and-pink art installation out in the desert created by Belgian artist Jean Verame in 1987 (opinions are generally divided as to whether the Painted Rocks are a fun and inventive novelty or a blight on the natural landscape).

Tafraoute is particularly convenient for your dates, though, because of February’s Almond Blossom Festival, when the town’s almond trees (clue’s in the name) come stunningly into blossom.

During the festival, townsfolk and visitors alike head out to Tafraoute’s ancient Roman ruins at Valle Dei Temp for a celebration of music, dance, folklore, and food - at night, the ruins are lit up for theatrical performances.

Don’t hang everything on seeing the festival, though - the dates are dependent on the blossom itself, so tend to vary. Most Moroccan websites claim that it takes place during the second week of February, but travellers have reported on previous years that it’s sometimes been as late as the beginning of March.

#3: Essaouira. Keep driving north from Agadir along the Atlantic coast and you’ll come to the stunning port of Essaouira - once beloved by hippies and musical artists during the 60s, and this city is still charmingly dedicated to the memory of Jimi Hendrix, who visited for 11 days in 1969 (you can also head back in June for the astonishing Gnaoua World Music Festival, often described as ‘Africa’s Woodstock’.)

Essaouira is another haven for surfing and kite-surfing, but it also offers picturesque views of the port and its famous blue boats from the old fortress, much-praised horse and camel-riding experiences with EquiEvasion, and just outside the city, Morocco’s southernmost vineyard is available for tastings and tours.

We’d make this one a priority. Book yourselves in for a family-run Moroccan cooking class with Khadija’s Kuzina, and then head back for a night’s stay at the extremely groovy and hippie-friendly Chill Art Hostel.

Have fun on your trip and hope you enjoy yourselves!

If you've got a travel experience (funny, unique, or just plain odd) that you'd like to see in The Detour, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a note at [email protected] and let us know!

And as ever, if you've got an idea or a request for an article, please do share it with us!

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All the important (or silly, or strange) travel news from across the web this week.

The flight carrying the body of Queen Elizabeth, who passed away last week, from Edinburgh to London has become the most-tracked plane of all time according to Flightradar.

World leaders are expected to arrive en masse for the funeral on Monday - Buckingham Palace has specifically requested that they fly in commercially to avoid congestion in UK airports. (Australian leader Anthony Albanese has thus far refused, preferring to take his private jet.)

Parc Life: Meanwhile, UK holiday franchise Center Parcs came under fire on Tuesday for abruptly announcing that it would evict booked guests for a 24-hour period next week in order to mark the Queen's funeral.

(It has since rapidly backtracked.)

Dominos, strangely, is nowhere to be seen: 50 Top Pizza has announced the top 100 pizzerias in the world, with winners in New York City and Caserta, Italy. Based.

Tapped out: If you’ve flown with Portuguese airline TAP Air, be aware - an international hacker group is claiming to have nabbed passenger data from over 400,000 people.

BAAA! British Airways and American Airlines have just teamed up with a new reciprocal upgrade scheme - allowing customers to 'transfer' their upgrade points or certificates across to either airline.

It's very cool, although there are some limitations. The Points Guy reports.


Online Travel Agents - our verdict

We know that a lot of you wonderful members have questions about booking cheap flights via online travel agents (OTAs) that appear on Skyscanner or Momondo.

Are these discounts legit? Is it better to book directly with an airline? And are some online travel agents better than others?

Katy from our Flight Finders team is an expert at sifting through OTAs and sorting the glitter from the gold. And just for you, she's written up some of our recommendations around the most popular online travel agents (as well as which ones to avoid), accompanied by JFC member experiences.

You can read the entire article on our website, but here's a cheeky excerpt of our OTA reviews:


What we’ve heard: Our members have a LOT to say about eDreams, and we keep hearing the same complaint over and over again - hidden fees.

One member told us that after making his booking, he noticed an extra charge from eDreams on his bank statement. After some back and forth with eDreams’ customer service, he discovered they’d subscribed him to their prime membership without his permission. As compensation, he was offered a €20 discount off his next booking with them, but they completely ignored his refund requests until he threatened to open a fraud case via his bank.

Another member had a similar situation, where eDreams claimed the extra cash they charged her was for luggage fees, and she too was refused a refund. Someone else had an even weirder issue, when the company booked them on the wrong flight with the airline and refused to fix it. They claimed that his booking was for the flight he’d selected, and he’d have to pay again to change to the flight he originally wanted.

These stories are no exception - TripAdvisor is full of threads dedicated to slating eDreams for poor customer service, extra fees, and unexplained cancellations. As one unsatisfied customer put it on Yelp, “One could get more service out of a bunch of penguin juggling monkeys than eDreams”.

⚖️ Our verdict: Honestly, they wouldn’t be our first choice. Even when eDreams comes up cheapest, we’d hesitate due to the risk of being booked on the wrong flights or being hit with hidden fees like our members.


What we’ve heard: GotoGate frequently show up with nice OTA discounts, so we’re quite relieved to say we haven’t heard too much on the negative side. In fact, we’ve had way more positive GotoGate reviews from JFCers booking deals than we have negative.

The most common complaint we’ve had from our members involves delayed refunds on tickets affected by COVID cancellations, and this seems to be the case across travel forums like TripAdvisor as well.

Understandably, nobody wants to wait 6+ months for a refund, or argue that they’re due their money back. This is definitely a situation where you need to be up to speed with the Ts & Cs of your booking.

Their customer service team does take a beating online, with several posts questioning whether they even exist. Customers who do manage to get through have apparently had waiting times of upwards of one hour - that definitely doesn’t sound appealing.

⚖️ Our verdict: Don’t rule them out, despite the negative reviews. If they’re offering a great discount off the airline price, it’s worth booking your flights with them. Just do yourself a favour and check that all your information (names, birthdays, etc.) is entered correctly, and choose a route with feasible layovers.

Read more of our online travel agent reviews over on the Jack's Flight Club website.