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Բարև ձեզ (or, barev dzez), JFC-ers!

With the world fully settling into travel again, it’s interesting to see that we’re not just returning to familiar pre-pandemic holiday habits. Alongside countries like Spain and Thailand, Travel Off Path’s Top 8 Trending Destinations names Armenia and Georgia as two of 2023’s biggest winners in terms of growing visitor numbers.

Putting aside the phenomenal food and wine (more on that later), one huge draw to the region is the new Transcaucasian Trail. Still under development, the full route across the two countries currently totals 932 miles, with an additional 1000 miles in neighbouring Azerbaijan (although current border conflicts unfortunately make it unlikely that we’ll see the routes join up any time soon).

If you like the idea of walking for days without seeing another human, this trek is probably for you. Winding through mountainous green valleys and sparsely populated desert landscapes, you’re almost more likely to stumble across a secluded monastery or Syrian brown bear than a fellow hiker. Preparation is key for this one, to say the least, so take a look at this Lonely Planet guide to get yourself set up.

Mount Khustrup, Armenia

Another surprising entry into that Top 8 is Saudi Arabia. Despite ongoing human rights issues and some governments advising people to reconsider travelling there, visitor numbers are rising. This is in part likely due to the country’s attempt to boost tourism, as well as newly launched budget flights from across Europe and the Middle East.

We’re definitely not surprised at the other countries on the list, especially Hong Kong. After waiting until the end of 2022 to drop travel restrictions, there’s absolutely still a bit of a novelty factor to even being allowed to visit. That said, we’ll be trying our luck in Hong Kong’s free plane ticket lottery before shelling out ourselves.

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The USA's Most Underrated Cities

New York? Been there. LA? Done it. Miami? Check. It might feel like you’ve seen all the big cities the US has to offer, but oh, how wrong you are!

Thankfully, Flight Finder Allan is here to share his Stateside expertise on the 10 Most Underrated US Cities. And as an added bonus, he shares his insider knowledge on the best ways to fly there from the USA’s major hubs. Here are a few of our favourites:

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

There’s really no better place to start than in 2022’s best small city in America—Charleston, South Carolina. Now, we know what you’re thinking, “Charleston is super popular, what is it doing here?” And you’re right.

In fact, Business Insider ranked it as the 14th most popular tourist destination in the US just last year. With a quaint charm that escapes the hustle and bustle, historic neighborhoods teeming with incredibly-old buildings, and some of the best local cuisine in the country, it’s more than earned those high honors.

So why is it on our “underrated city” list? Well, because it’s so popular, the small-town charm that makes Charleston unique from other big flashy cities means it’s often just thought of as another destination. It also doesn't hurt that it's super cheap to get there from basically anywhere in the country.

Charleston is one of our most frequent deal spots, with low fares usually in the $70s-$110s from across the East Coast and in the $150s from the West Coast.

So yeah, popular, cheap to get to, and a peninsular beach town on top of it all? Charleston is more than worth every accolade it gets—even the slightly weirder ones.

Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho

Ah, Idaho…

You might know it better for its relative remoteness and famous potatoes, but Boise just keeps climbing lists of the country’s most livable and fastest-growing cities.

Boise is another college town that brings with it tons of perks, like microbreweries, some nightlife, and just a general rejuvenation of your youth—who doesn’t want that?

And like some of its West Coast brethren, Boise’s natural beauty is nothing to scoff at. Nestled in the middle of the Treasure Valley, downtown Boise overlooks some beautiful, often snow-capped hills with plenty of hiking opportunities for young and old alike.

The city is pretty isolated, with the nearest major metro areas of Salt Lake City and Portland located over 300 miles away. But that sense of isolation is what makes the city so beautiful, and will just make you feel more and more in tune with your nature-loving and off-the-grid-but-not-really self.

This isolation does bump up costs a bit, though. Boise is one of the pricier cities to get to on this list, and most flight tips we’ve seen in the last few years are exclusive to the West Coast.

So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for those super-low fares to eventually return. After all, who couldn’t use more french fries?

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri

Every list of things to do in Kansas City starts with their world-famous BBQ. And with good reason, as their tomato-based sauce is so different and so much better than anywhere else in the world, it has its own Wikipedia page.

Once you’ve had your fill of all the smoky meats your stomach can handle, what’s next? Well, how about a world-class art museum that has all the art of a museum you might find in New York City with none of the crowds? Or a World War I museum that sits upon a hill with sprawling views of the city’s beautiful skyline?

Or maybe you just want to walk around a cool neighborhood—Power & Light, 18th & Vine, and Crossroads. Okay, check that off the list. Places for kids? LEGOLAND and Worlds of Fun are right there.

It’s also a good thing that you waited this long to cross Kansas City off your travel list, as the city’s airport recently unveiled a massive new $1.5 billion terminal that rivals any other across the country. So nothing but luxury here.

Kansas City is a frequent flier, but normally only from the East Coast and Texas—some regions in the US have basically never seen a great deal there, namely our Floridian friends. Not to worry, as there’s more than enough Kansas City in your own town every February.

Check out the rest of the list to see if your favourite not-so-big city made the cut!


Trips Of The Week

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This week’s Travelzoo Top 20 is packed with so many awesome trips, we thought we’d serve up a few of our favourites all at once!

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When Travel Gets Personal

After a long day wandering around Tbilisi, my friend Liz and I decided to grab a drink at the quirky tram bar by the river while we waited for our friends. The barman quickly turned down his dance tunes and invited us in, asked us what we’d like to drink, and if we’d like to join him at the table by the electric radiator.

Despite our more or less non-existent Georgian skills and his basic English, he wanted to hear all about us and why we were there. We then asked him about himself and the tram.

As it transpired, Dati was one of the owners of the tram bar, which he had bought and lovingly restored over the space of a year with three friends. The bar, he told us, was open 24/7 (“How can we close? We don’t have doors!”, he said, pointing at the plastic sheets keeping the crisp February air out) and the four of them take turns working long shifts.

Tram bar in Tbilisi

Ordering a second glass of glintwine (Georgian mulled wine), we told him how fond we were of Georgia’s ancient produce, especially since it is so affordable compared to the UK. Lifting a bottle from behind the bar, he said, “We make this, this is our wine. It comes from my family vineyard in Kakheti. You should come back in September and make wine with us!”

And so the evening continued, with genuine warmth, openness, an unexpected education in Georgian rap music, and a lot more wine. Looking back on an altogether excellent trip, moments like these where we got to meet wonderful people stand out as the most memorable.

Now we want to hear from you! Tell us your stories of people you’ve met on your travels that will always stick with you. Did you make a friend for life while travelling solo? Have you been saved from a hairy situation by a thoughtful local? Fallen in love when your eyes met across a tram? Let us know!

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Around The States In 50 Editions: Mississippi

Each week in 2023, we’ll be going on a whirlwind tour of a different randomly selected US state. This week, we’re heading to Mississippi.

This state sure knows how to produce big names - Oprah Winfrey, James Earl Jones and Elvis Presley to name but a few. The King’s birthplace in Tupelo is an unmissable spot on any Mississippi trip, but there’s another king’s home that often flies under the radar—Kermit the Frog. You’ll find the full-on muppet shrine hidden away in the Chamber of Commerce in sleepy Leland.

Kermit playing the banjo

Sandwiched in there between Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana, Mississippi has a lot of competition to what really matters most in the South—barbecue. They don’t shout about it, but the state is actually home to more award-winning Pit Masters than any other.

In fact, some of the best BBQ you’ll encounter can be bought at gas stations. Now, that’s what we call convenient for a big ol’ road trip! Just make sure to grab some proper southern biscuits, too—we have it on good authority that Mississippi has the best in the country, and Natchez has long been considered ‘Biscuit Capital of the World’.

History buffs should head over to Vicksburg, where a three-month-long Civil War battle took place in 1863. You can take battlefield tours and watch re-enactments at Vicksburg National Military Park, see remnants of the gunship USS Cairo, and examine endless artefacts in the city’s museums. It’s not all war, though—the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum will take you through the history of the world’s favourite soft drink, in the very place it was first bottled.

If you’re heading south to New Orleans after Mississippi, a little detour to Gulfport should absolutely be on your schedule. As far as the Gulf of Mexico goes, the beaches here are way quieter than most, and a ferry ride over to the white sands of Ship Island doubles as a dolphin and pelican-spotting trip.

Fishbone Alley, Gulfport

In the city itself, take a stroll down funky Fishbone Alley. Contrary to what the name would have you believe, the restored historic backstreet is an outdoor canvas for Gulfport’s street artists. You’ll find a few cute little bars and restaurants there, too, but we’re assured that you won’t stumble across any actual fish bones!


Pick Of The Clicks

All the important (or silly, or strange) travel news from across the web this week.

Whizzing around the streets of Paris on an e-scooter will soon be a thing of the past, as almost 90% of voters in last week’s referendum opted to ban rental scooters from the city centre. You’ve got until 31st August to get your zoom on!

In this week’s edition of “Unbelievable behaviour towards cabin crew,” an Air India flight to London Heathrow had to return to New Delhi after a passenger pulled a crew member’s hair. We all know how wearing a long flight can be, but there’s no excuse for that - especially after only 15 minutes in the air!

Ever felt like flying on a private jet is nothing but an impossible dream? Yep, us too. But if you’re as lucky as Paul, you just need nobody else to book a seat on your flight. The happy traveller was treated like royalty by cabin crew when nobody else showed up for the 3-hour trip from Faro to Belfast.

And finally, one woman has shared her stories of dating around the world, after going on 34 first dates in 19 different countries. Needless to say, there are a few we’d have swiped left on.