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We’ve just launched an exciting partnership with boutique travel brand Flash Pack – aimed exclusively at solo travellers in their 30s & 40s. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sourcing the best flight deals to match their (epic) global adventures, which you’ll be able to find right here. More on Flash Pack below…

This week has also brought news that the city of Amsterdam is making good on its promise to change its reputation. From May, it will be illegal to smoke marijuana on the streets of its red-light district. There will also be new curfews for bars, restaurants and erotic workers in the area, all of which is aimed at improving the quality of life for residents of the De Wallen neighbourhood.

Limits on bus tours and cruise ships docking in the city are also on the cards, with Barcelona’s mayor announcing a similar initiative. Both cities are hoping to prevent overcrowding, and discourage locals from moving away from the centre.

If that’s made you rethink your travel plans for the year, The Guardian has provided us with a simple answer—a Tour de France… a tour of the food festivals of France, that is! You might be a tad late to catch the 150-tonne citrus sculptures on the Côte d'Azur, but there’s still time to get egg-cited about giant omelettes, or plan to eat your weight in melon in Provence. Bon appétit!

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Meet Our Partner!

We’re very excited to introduce our new partner, Flash Pack, an adventure-travel brand for solo travellers in their 30s & 40s. These aren't just any old adventures, mind.

Think sleeping in converted Land Rover suites in the Serengeti, dining with geishas in Japan, or staying on your own private Arctic island in Finland. Immersive experiences combined with boutique stays is what Flash Pack does best.

This team of adventure innovators obsesses over creating the ultimate group dynamic. They carefully curate group-gathering experiences and weave them into each and every adventure, because nothing builds camaraderie quite like abseiling down Table Mountain together, right? With Flash Pack, it’s all about the people. Check them out here!


JFC-ers’ one and only

A couple of weeks ago, we asked you where you would travel to if you could only pick one country to visit for the rest of your life. Your responses were absolutely excellent, so we thought we’d pick a few of our favourites to share.


If you’ve got to choose just one place, it may as well be paradise, right? But JFC-er Fraser says it’s the locals that really make it, excelling themselves at being friendly. Plus, it can be pretty cheap once you get there, and the sun is usually shining. Sounds awful…

From the moment you arrive in Fiji, you’re made to feel at home. The traditional Fijian welcome song, Bula Maleya, is likely to welcome you everywhere you go, and you may find yourself invited to a traditional welcome ceremony. The ceremony centres around sharing the local drink, kava - just take it easy, it’s potent!

Having travelled so far, it might seem a shame not to live like island royalty and splash out on, say… a villa on a private island? There’s no need, though. Poolside studio apartments only 10 minutes’ walk from the beach go for as little as £29 per night on the main island. A bit more seclusion comes even cheaper, with cottages by the ocean on stunning Matacawalevu Island starting at £26 per night.

Hostelling and home stays cost next to nothing, and then you have the added bonus that your hosts might also offer you home-cooked meals. As a general rule, it’s cheapest to eat in larger towns as opposed to resort areas (who’d have thunk it?!). What you might not have guessed is that the local catch of the day might catch you off guard when you get the bill, while eating at an Indian restaurant can set you back less than £5.

Every little helps when you’ve got to save those pennies for a sunset coconut and local rum


Turkey is Angie’s top pick, having completely fallen in love with it during a budget-friendly solo holiday. While the current economic crisis in Turkey is nothing to celebrate, it does mean that visiting now is more affordable than ever.

Istanbul makes for a very affordable city break, with the average daily spend coming in at around £35 pp. And if you’ve got the stamina to stay in a hostel dorm, you can make it even less.

Street foods like kumpir and dürüm (waaaay nicer than the kebabs you get back home) will keep you well-fed for less, while your morning tea or coffee in a local café won’t even cost you 50p. On top of that, some of the city’s most popular sights are actually free to enter, like the Hagia Sophia, and Gülhane Park, which sits beside Topkapi Palace and overlooks the Bosphorus. Top tip—it’s especially beautiful during the Tulip Festival in April.

A taste of the Turquoise Coast won’t set you back a load, either. You’ll find endless stress-free all-inclusive resort deals along the Riviera, but the trick to finding a more local experience is travelling a few hours from the airport. Kaş is a good shout for getting all the beauty but less of the buzz—plus there’s a bonus Greek Island just 20 minutes’ ferry ride away.


Mark’s pick is the Philippines, mostly for the variety it offers. With over 7,600 islands, more than 120 languages and spectacular nature, you’d be hard pushed to get bored. It’s essentially paradise for the tropically-inclined.

Boracay is the main tourist island, with glorious sandy beaches that will lure you into the water for hours at a time. But it is a small and busy island. Even the childish giggles on offer from the wonderfully named Willy’s Rock might not stop us following paths less trodden.

Apo Island is worth the few hours’ trip by bus (and boat) from popular Cebu. Friendly sea turtles hang out in the shallows, while the coral reef surrounding the island will keep divers busy for days. Landlubbers can enjoy a peaceful wander through small villages on the car-free island, or take short hikes to the lighthouse and Rock Point View Deck.

Leaning into the Philippines’ volcanic nature is best on Camiguin. With 7 volcanoes come natural hot springs, spectacular waterfalls and rainforest hikes that reward you with epic views. Oh, and then there’s the creepy underwater goth vibes to be had at the sunken cemetery…


Around The States In 50 Editions: New York

Each week in 2023, we’ll be going on a whirlwind tour of a different randomly selected US state. This week, we’re heading to Montana.

Here’s one you probably haven’t heard of—but don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it.

Away from the bright lights of NYC, New York state has a lot going for itself. The oldest state park in the USA sits right up there on the Canadian border, setting the stage for the world’s second-largest waterfall—Niagara Falls. We know, it’s a tourist trap, but the Falls are so worth it.

Don’t hang around once you’re done—head straight to the glorious Finger Lakes region. Eleven lakes, more than 50 waterfalls (they’re good at them up there), nearly 150 wineries, and around 80 breweries mean it’s entirely up to you whether you head out on the trail all day or get merry on the Chardonnay. Or a bit of both.

Continuing west towards the state capital, Albany, there’s an underground secret. Well, the Howe Caverns would be a secret, if there wasn’t a giant sign painted into the grass out front. 156 feet below ground, you’ll be treated to a labyrinth of rock formations and light shows, while zip lining and rock climbing keep the fun alive above the surface.

Swing by the Sam’s Point Ice Caves for something a little more rugged and unusual on the road back to the Big Apple. But then you must visit Kelder’s Farm in Kerhonkson. It makes for a wholesome day out, with a corn maze, fruit picking, pumpkin cannons and more. But the most important attraction is former Guinness World Record holder, Gnome Chomsky.

Yes, he’s a giant garden gnome, and we love him—even if he’s no longer the tallest in the world.

We’ve deliberately ignored the Big Apple-shaped elephant in the room, because where do you even start? Thankfully, our JFC Facebook Community always have a wealth of knowledge, so pop over there to ask for (or share) the best NYC tips.


Our Pick Of The Clicks

All the important (or silly, or strange) travel news from across the web this week.

Brace yourselves—there could well be more travel chaos on the cards this Easter, as workers at Heathrow Airport look set to strike again over the holidays. Union members will vote on the strike action on 17th February, so watch this space.

The news comes at the same time as reports that Heathrow’s passenger numbers are back to pre-pandemic levels. It’s a great sign for the travel industry, but we’ll definitely miss the days when you didn’t have to wait in a huge queue for your airport caffeine hit.

Grab your tissues for the 2022 Travel Photographer of the Year. Never did we expect a rhino could make us so emotional!

Travel to and from New Zealand has been severely disrupted this week, as Cyclone Gabrielle and an earthquake continue to wreak havoc across the country, just weeks after torrential rain caused massive flooding and power outages.

If you are due to fly out there soon, just keep your fingers crossed that any diversions land you in the idyllic Cook Islands, like this Air New Zealand flight from LAX.

There’s been drama for Lufthansa this week, as an IT outage caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled at Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday. Things don’t look set to improve, either, as workers at major airports across Germany are set for a major strike on Friday.

Architectural Digest’s 2023 Wow List has just been released, and we’re already considering funky design as a possible holiday theme for the year. Budapest with a side of São Paulo, perhaps?

And finally, since AI is taking over, well, everything, why not let it plan your holidays too? Just tell MapsGPT where you are, what kind of things you’re looking for, and leave the rest to the bots.

As well as must-see spots or family-friendly attractions, suggested searches include, "Where to run into a single billionaire near the United States", and "Easiest places to crash a wedding near Florida". We’ll be keeping those in mind. .