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Hey there, JFC-ers

One of our favourite things about Jack’s Flight Club is hearing all the stories you take home from your adventures. But for once, we thought we’d ask about the most unique souvenirs you’ve ever brought back from holiday.

As always, our Facebook audience had plenty to say. Amazing mantelpiece conversation starters, like a brass temple bell from Thailand and a nose flute from Hawaii, were the most intriguing.

However, we also spotted a few recurring themes, some more fortunate than others. Without further ado…

  • A virus. It seems many of you, dear readers, were stung by the last souvenir you brought home, as COVID (and, *ahem*, other viruses) popped up again and again.
  • Husbands. Yep, many of our members appear to find their other half on sun-drenched islands, while a couple met theirs before they even landed—the pilot.
  • Animals. Some of them rescued cats and dogs, others unwanted stowaways. We’re a solid “nope” on that scorpion in a sock, by the way.

Pop over to our Facebook page to share your most unique souvenir finds! We promise we won’t repeat anything too embarrassing in next week’s Detour (probably).

Happy travels and safe landings,


Skip This, See That

After last week’s dose of underrated US cities, this week we’re flipping things on their head. It’s time to talk about those over-hyped destinations. Flight Finder Kash took to our JFC Facebook Community to grill members on the places they wish they’d skipped, and rounded up top tips on destinations they never imagined would be so good while she was at it.

From the hundreds of responses we got, she’s whittled it down to ‘28 Places Our Members Hated and Loved’—featuring some, well… very candid reviews that’ll save you wasting your time on soulless Bali and smelly San Fran. But for every disappointment, we’ve got a pleasant surprise. Here’s a little taste:

Overrated: Bali, Indonesia

Bali, overrun with tourists

A dreamy paradise, or the Magaluf of Asia? Locals say that Eat, Pray, Love was the best thing that happened to the economy, but the absolute worst thing to happen to the soul of the island.

Underrated: Peucang, Indonesia

Peucang, near Krakatoa, Indonesia

If only one article pops up on a quick Google search, you know you’re onto something good!

To reach the island, your best bet is to either book an eco-tour or make your way to the villages of Carita or Sumur, where you can hire a speedboat.

2–3 hours later, and you’ll be face to face with true paradise, and maybe a Rhino or two. For more tips, this TripAdvisor thread is surprisingly detailed.

Overrated: Naples, Italy

Naples, dirty and dangerous with a side of amazing pizza

Ah, Naples, you were the city of firsts for me.

The first time I tried the BEST pizza in the universe. The first time I saw a gun, a baby on a motorcycle, and the first time a hostel I stayed at got raided.

It was also the first time I ended up couch-surfing on a US naval base because I felt entirely too sensitive for this city.

Pompeii was nice, though.

Underrated: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, nowhere else better in autumn

Oh Slo, how easy it was to fall head over heels with you. With your moody mountain peaks, medieval castles, and quirky riverside cafés, my 2-week trip turned into an 8 month Ljove affair.

With an obscene amount of green space per resident, this is another one of the spots on our list that calls out to nature-lovers.

Riding a train through the largest cave system in the world, kayaking down the emerald waters of the Soca Valley orrrrr border hopping to Italy, it’s no wonder why our members sing high praise for Slovenia.

Not to mention, DRAGONS.

Overrated: Pyramids of Egypt

The Great Pyramids, served with fried chicken

Expectations adjusted. Thanks, Nicola!

We’re curious – would comments like this put you off from travelling to Egypt to see the pyramids?

Underrated: Sarajevo, Bosnia

Sarajevo, green paradise of the Balkans

OK, first things first, kick your misconceptions to the curb. It’s no secret that Bosnia has got baggage. But decades later, it’s back on the map in a big way, and countless members seem smitten.

Dubbed as the “green paradise of the Balkans” this entire country packs a serious punch for nature lovers in the know.

In the capital, you’re bound to collide with the country’s profoundly heartbreaking past, mainly through walking tours, war museums and personal accounts of those willing to share their story.

Sure, as a tourist it might be easy to ignore the dark and painful stain on history, but to truly embrace the indestructible soul of Sarajevo, you shouldn’t look past it.

Our Team Recommends…

Akasha recommends Guanajuato City in Mexico, and Drake Bay, Costa Rica

"I found Mérida in Mexico to be a bit “meh”. I arrived with high expectations, but left feeling underwhelmed and very sunburned, happy to skip off to the highlands. Same thing with San Miguel de Allende, it felt like a giant, gentrified theme park.

Instead, I recommend Guanajuato City, especially if you’re looking to cram as much culture and color into your trip as possible. I went for a day trip and ended up staying for half a year, it was that gorgeous. It even inspired my article about Mexico’s lesser-known spots!

For outdoorsy types, Drake Bay in Costa Rica is probably the closest thing you can get to a remote paradise, I’ve seriously never seen anything like it. It’s a pain in the ass to get to, but that’s part of the fun, and I promise as soon as you climb out of the boat and wade your way to shore, you’ll see what I mean by paradise.

National Geographic calls this place the most "biologically intense place on earth" and I'd have to agree. I guarantee your entire camera feed is going to be taken up with hundreds of pictures of monkeys, toucans and scarlet macaws. You can even take nighttime trekking tours through the jungle too.”

Richard recommends swapping Paris for Chantilly

“I totally agree about Paris, it's fun for a day trip, but I preferred staying further outside and getting the train in. That way, we could see way more of Hauts-de-France.

There are some great châteaux! The ones I particularly enjoyed were Chantilly—also the home of Chantilly cream (delicious!)—and Pierrefonds.

There are also some lovely historic towns to see in the area, Soissons has an amazing ruined abbey and cathedral. We stayed in a campsite near Soissons, and it had water slides, a man-made beach and tons of stuff to keep the kids entertained, much better than any in the UK, if you ask me!”

Robyn will always remember meeting Santa in magical Lapland

“8-year-old me would say Lapland is seriously underrated. My mum took my brother and I to meet Santa, and it's still one of my best holiday memories with its ice mansions, real life reindeer, it was just magical!

For me, Dubai felt quite overrated! I struggled with how materialistic it was. I know it's renowned for its luxury shopping and glitzy restaurants, but it was never ending, and I found it quite hard to relax.”

Read more…

What do you think? Did any of your favourite places get a raw deal? Are there any glaring omissions? Let us know via [email protected].

Around The States In 50 Editions: Rhode Island

Each week in 2023, we’ll be going on a whirlwind tour of a different randomly selected US state. This week, we’re heading to Rhode Island.

Providence, RI

When you’re the smallest state in the USA, with a population of only just over 1 million, you have to do something to stand out. Enter H.P. Lovecraft.

The Rhode Island writer’s work was little appreciated in life, but in death, he has become a cult figure along with his most famous monstrous creation, Cthulhu. Nowadays, you’ll find his name attached to popular sites around the state capital, including book lover’s paradise, the Providence Athenaeum, and his final resting place, Swan Point Cemetery—though getting the right grave isn’t so straightforward.

A Lovecraft-themed self-guided walking tour will take you around more than just niche fan favourites. As well as stopping by spots frequented by Edgar Allan Poe, you’ll see what is arguably Rhode Island’s most important building—The Old State House. This is where the state’s declaration of independence from Great Britain was made in May 1776, making it the first of the colonies to do so.

But back to the weird and wonderful. If you want an experience that will truly take you out of your comfort zone, arrange a tour (we think that’s the right word) of the Musée Patamécanique in Bristol. Somewhere between performance art and quirky exhibition, it’s never the same twice. Or for a ghostly encounter, the shadowy lanes and gilded mansions of historic Newport have you covered.

Mansion in Newport, RI

One of the best things about the state is that you really don’t need a car to explore. In fact, it’ll only stop you getting the fun out of hopping on Newport’s good old-fashioned trolley buses. And when the time comes to head back to Providence, you’d miss out on a wine tasting at Newport Vineyards, which is oh-so conveniently located right next to a bus stop (and comes highly recommended by our Editor).

Pro tip: Don’t be alarmed when you return to Providence on a summer’s eve after a few vinos, and it looks like the city has burst into flames. That’s just how they do art in Rhode Island.

Pick Of The Clicks

All the important (or silly, or strange) travel news from across the web this week.


It’s been a hard week for Sydney, with Melbourne yoinking the title of Australia’s biggest city right from under its feet. The fact that it all comes down to a technicality is unlikely to ease the old rivalry…

Out of curiosity (and presumably also the desire to challenge their marriage early on), one travel writer decided to let ChatGPT plan their honeymoon. Yep, you read that right. Let the chaos ensue.

Italy has joined a slew of countries introducing measures to control overtourism. The Alto Adige/Bolzano region is bringing in 2019-level caps to prevent swarms of visitors overwhelming the Dolomites and clogging up the local housing market.

If Montenegro’s dreamy coastline, national parks and ancient towns haven’t yet convinced you to visit, we’ve got one last thing that might change your mind: cats.

And finally, Alaskans have been left disappointed after learning that a mysterious spiral that appeared amidst the Northern Lights was in fact not caused by an alien arrival. Nor was it a portal to the other side of the galaxy.

In fact, it was just Elon Musk dumping fuel during an attempt to reach his home world.