Is premium economy ever worth the upgrade?




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Hey there, JFC-ers,

We’re coming to you a little early this week, since even the elves at JFC HQ jet off on holiday now and then. Our Detour Editor, Katy, is finally off on her khachapuri-driven trip to Georgia, and careless as it may seem, we’ve currently got Flight Finders strewn all over the globe!

Getting stuck into Europe’s finest alternative ski resorts, Lauren has not long touched down in Poland for a week of ripping up the slopes in Zakopane. The surrounding Tatra Mountains have runs to suit all abilities, as well as extra cherries on top that are bound to seal the deal. How about thermal baths after a hard day’s skiing? Or snowmobiling and cheese-making workshops? Here’s a handy guide to all that Zakopane has to offer.

We’ve also let Fran loose on the streets of Rio just in time for Carnival. Getting the full experience means hitting up the Sambódromo for performances by the city’s phenomenal samba schools, as well as getting carried away in street parties and wangling tickets for a ball.

Once the madness subsides, she’ll be heading west to the breathtaking Pantanal wetland region with her mum. At this time of year, they’ll have to travel mostly by boat, keeping eyes peeled at all times for the region’s elusive jaguars and tapirs. We hear piranhas are common there, so hopefully she and her mum don’t have any… disagreements.

Meanwhile, Larissa has been travelling the world on foot in the heart of London. We can’t all be jetting off at the same time, so she settled for a taste of Japan with some epic soufflé pancakes from Fuwa Fuwa. While we’ve read some rumblings that they may not even really be Japanese, we are 100% here for that fluff.

Last but not least, Andreia has been hovering over the "Book now" button on flights to Madeira for later this year. But one thing’s been putting her off - the landing. When the winds get up over the island, the planes just can’t get down. Have you ever flown to Madeira? Let us know how it went, and give us all your top tips, so we can convince Andreia to go! Get in touch via [email protected].

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Economy vs Premium Economy - Is It Really Worth It?

Flight Finder Genora is a veritable expert in air travel classes. She knows her lie-flats from her suites, her extra-reclining from her extra legroom.

Now she’s helping us out with the difference between economy and new kid on the block, premium economy. Keep reading to find out what it is, and when it’s actually worth the upgrade 👇

Premium economy is a hybrid between economy and business class, offering a step-up in comfort and amenities without breaking the bank. You’ll have a more comfortable experience that includes additional legroom, improved in-flight entertainment, meal options, etc. but without the eye-watering price tag of business class.

Economy class, on the other hand, is the most budget-friendly option, with fewer frills but still providing the essentials for a safe and comfortable flight.

Think of premium economy as a way to upgrade your flight experience, while still keeping costs reasonable. It's a great option for travelers who want a little extra comfort, but don't want to splurge on a business or first-class ticket. Economy class, on the other hand, is perfect for budget-conscious travelers or those who prioritize cost over comfort.

Comparing Comfort and Amenities

In premium economy, you can expect more spacious seats with extra legroom, making those long haul flights a little more bearable, especially for taller passengers and those with back or joint pain. While in the economy, seats are narrower and have less legroom, but are still comfortable enough for short to medium flights.

But comfort isn't just about legroom, it's also about convenience and the in-flight experience. Premium economy typically offers at least 2 checked bags, priority boarding, a smaller cabin, and amenity kits. Plus, you get more meal options and better in-flight entertainment. So, you won't have to settle for a sad, dry sandwich and a terrible movie.

Is Premium Economy Worth the Extra Bucks?

You might be wondering, how much more expensive is premium economy compared to the basic economy class? Well, it all depends on the airline and the route, but on average, you can expect to pay around 1.5-3 times more for premium economy.

For example, if an economy class ticket costs $500, a premium economy ticket for the same flight could cost anywhere from $750 to $1000. But before you start counting your pennies, let's see if it's worth it…

Read on to find out how premium economy affects your air miles, and how it squares up against business class.


Around The States In 50 Editions: Nevada

Each week in 2023, we’ll be going on a whirlwind tour of a different randomly selected US state. This week, we’re heading to Nevada.

This one sparks controversy the moment you invoke its very name. Is it Ne-VAH-duh or Ne-VAD-uh? We’ll leave that one to the experts and stick with our strengths—letting you know what to see and do once you get there.

The bright lights of Las Vegas are a lure for many, whether or not gambling is your thing. From the glowing remains of over 250 retired signs laid to rest in the Neon Boneyard, to the slice of the Berlin Wall rehomed behind a Casino urinal, the city sure has its quirks. Don’t even get us started on the speakeasy bars hidden behind bookcases and barber shops!

You’re in the right place to pick up a swanky helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, should you win big on the poker table. Otherwise, we’d suggest getting out of town to the impressive geological formations of Red Rock Canyon. The Calico Hills Trail is a picturesque route that winds through the Martian landscape, complete with optional scrambling for the experienced.

Up north, Reno is a kind of toned-down alternative. While Vegas is all about indulgence and thrills, Reno has a mere 23 casinos. It’s probably a better choice if you don’t love that desert heat, and even has some powdery slopes overlooking Lake Tahoe for snow sports come winter.

Late August into early September is when northern Nevada really comes alive, though. The world-famous Burning Man Festival kicks things off over Labor Day weekend, creating a pop-up city in the arid Black Rock Desert for one week each year. And as if designed to keep the psychedelic party alive, the following weekend is filled with colour as hot-air balloons decorate the skies.

There’s one more must-see if you find yourself on the road to Utah—the Lehman Caves. It’s the largest cave system in Nevada, covered in somewhat threatening stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Who doesn’t love a bit of danger to round off a trip?


Our Pick Of The Clicks

All the important (or silly, or strange) travel news from across the web this week.

This month saw the very first British Airways flight operated by an all-Black crew! Every stage of the route from London to Barbados and back again was run entirely by Black employees, from the gate agents and ground staff through to the cabin crew and pilots.

The airline says it hopes to break down barriers within the aviation industry, making it more accessible to underrepresented groups. Here’s to much more of that!

It’s bad news for urbex explorers in the Pyrenees this week, as the once-opulent Canfranc Station has been restored to its former glory and reopened as a fancy hotel! The newly renovated accommodation opened in January, aiming to preserve the building’s character while giving it a new lease of life.

Passengers onboard a flight from Austin, Texas, to London Heathrow last week were confronted by a rather unwelcome stowaway, when a scorpion got loose in the cabin.

What’s even more concerning, the cabin crew didn’t actually manage to find the critter, and only two of the passengers involved actually claimed to see it. Intere-sting

And finally, Paris’ newest tourist attraction opened on Monday—a public loo. Lavatory de la Madeleine originally opened in 1905, and has now been fixed up to give us that much sought after toilet time travel experience.

We hear the crowd at the opening ceremony were going loo-pee… sorry, we’ll see ourselves out.