Where you should go on your next holiday, according to your Myers-Briggs personality type

Where you should go on your next holiday, according to your Myers-Briggs personality type

As avid travelers - here at JFC - we've realized that not all holidays are equal. Sure, we’re always looking forward to our next vacation, but sometimes it ends up feeling like a bad tinder date - much better in our heads than in reality.

So we asked ourselves, “what if there was a way to match your vacation to your personality type?” And that premise led us to analyze a travel preferences survey with over 20,000 responses done by 16 Personalities (you'll need to create a profile to view the results), which we then cross-matched to each personality’s “most ideal” vacation. 

But, before we get started, here's a quick rundown of how the Myers-Briggs personality test works, and here's a quiz to determine your own MBTI personality. 

We know, we know, it might sound a little bit...out there. But, if you're a fan of the Myers-Briggs personality test, read on.



The personality types in the Analyst's roles are Architects (INTJ), Logician (INTP), Commanders (ENTJ), and Debaters (ENTP). Analysts are our world's thinkers - their main traits being an innate curiosity, a love for learning, and self-improvement with a knack for finding things out on their own. Mainly, they’re happy to be alone if they don't feel connected to the people around them.

Analysts enjoy places that hardly anyone visits, avoid tourist traps, and usually travel to a destination once - but that doesn’t mean they all want the same holiday. Each personality is unique in its own way, as we’ll see below:

INTJ - Architects 

Architects are on a constant quest for knowledge - even holidays can't get in the way of learning.

As an Architect, you prefer to spend time planning your holidays rather than taking spontaneous trips. And true to your Analyst's roots - you enjoy ditching tourist traps for more thought-provoking activities. You'll take calming experiences over thrilling ones, but you're probably not too keen on resorts.

Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus, Turkey

Holiday Ideas: A solo trip to a historical destination offers you all the freedom to explore and learn on your own terms. Consider joining an adult study program at your destination of choice. 

Add to your travel bucket list: Old world destinations like Athens, Greece; Ephesus, Turkey; 

Where to start: Follow podcasts like Historyhit for travel inspiration.

INTP - Logicians 

Logicians are the living embodiment of the thinker statue. You lose yourself in thought, and you’re often seen as pensive and reserved. You love analyzing patterns in almost everything and thinking through abstract ideas.

Travel-wise, we figure you enjoy melting into countries and cultures to get an idea of how other parts of the world function. You aren't keen on travel packages and need a push to try new things. But, like your Architect counterparts - you prefer calming trips that don't involve tourist traps.


Atacama, Chile

Atacama, Chile

Holiday Idea: A nature retreat is a perfect holiday to muse about all the workings of the universe in peace. Don't forget to take a journal!

Place: Atacama, Chile; Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, US national parks

Where to start: A nature retreat doesn't necessarily mean becoming the next Bear Grylls (unless that's what you're into). Instead, you can enjoy analyzing nature and your thoughts without the worries of ‘living in the wild‘ by staying at a luxury cabin.

ENTJ - Commander 

It's no secret the commander loves a good challenge. "The less comfortable you are in your surroundings - the more you're forcing yourself to grow" if this quote strikes a chord, you're probably a Commander!

You don’t shy away from “tough sells”  when choosing destinations and will most likely convince others to come along.


Merida, Mexico

 Merida, Mexico

Holiday Idea: A backpacking journey with just your necessities - across new countries and cultures. You’ll find an endless stream of challenges, opportunities, and new people to disarm with your charm.

Places: Mexico; Costa Rica; Morocco, 

Where to start: Explore new cultures through startups like Dragons. 

ENTP - Debater 

“You travel not just to explore the world, but to deepen your understanding of it and to consider what you might have to learn from other cultures." - unknown wise netizen. True to form, Debater's travel preferences are contrary to other analysts' roles. 

You seek out thrilling activities, love spontaneous travels, and you’ll go out of your way to find new experiences. But, you probably prefer to explore on your own and visit unpopular places, like a true Analyst.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Holiday idea: The name of the game for the Debater is new: new places, new people, new ideas, and new cultures. We reckon you enjoy taking trips to lively cities where you can meet up with new, exciting people or, for longer stays - dive into the inner workings of a place through a cultural trip.

Places:  Gothenburg, Sweden; Madrid, Spain; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Where to start: Join culture-focused tour groups like Under30Experiences or Volunteer forever - we've written a guide on how to volunteer ethically.



Diplomat's personality types are Advocates (INFJ), Mediators (INFP), Protagonists (ENFJ), and Campaigners (ENFP). Marked by intuition (I) and feeling (F) - Diplomats are known to be caring, empathetic, and usually have deep insights into human nature.

Diplomats are more likely to seek thrilling activities and new cultures when traveling. They enjoy spontaneous trips but won't mind visiting the same place again and again.


INFJ - Advocates 

Advocates are known for being conscientious. You've got a deep desire to find your life’s purpose, which usually resolves around changing the world (or an aspect of it) for the better.

Advocates are a 10, but you tend to forgo self-care since you’re busy caring for everyone else. That's why the perfect vacation for you involves relaxation.

Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Vacation Idea:

  • Turn your phone off.
  • Soak in a tub overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Take a weekend spa getaway.

Self-care vacations can take many forms, so long as they're in a relaxing environment.

Places: Guanacaste, Costa Rica; Myrdalshrrerppur, Iceland; Jurmala, Latvia

Where to start: Check out our list of introvert-friendly countries and try these self-care vacation ideas.

INFP - Mediators

Similar to Advocates, Mediators are centered around helping others - you’re an idealist and probably the creative one in your friend group.

For vacations, you’re most likely okay with visiting the same place multiple times. However, while traveling in trains, for example, you prefer short, direct routes rather than scenic ones.


New York

New York 

Vacation Idea: Spice up your vacation with your loved ones by sprinkling in some creative magic pixie dust. Sip and paints and cooking classes where you learn to cook the local cuisine are just a few ways to get creative while traveling.

Places: New York City, New York; Mexico City, Mexico; Basel, Switzerland; 

ENFJ - Protagonist 

You've probably noticed this pattern among Diplomats: altruistic, idealistic, and emphatic. The difference between the Protagonist vs. other Diplomats is your greatest strength - you’re naturally charismatic and have an impressive ability to lead. 

You’re prone to seeking out new thrilling activities, love making new friends when traveling, and you’re keen on traveling to exotic (less-visited) locations.

Alberobello, Italy

Vacation Idea: Take a trip off the beaten path. This doesn't have to cost a fortune. You’ll enjoy finding undiscovered places in well-traveled destinations.

Places: Portland, Oregon; Slab City, California; Alberobello, Italy

Where to start: Look out for our *rare* deals when you sign up for JFC alerts.

ENFP - Campaigners 

"Campaigners are free-spirited, joy-seekers who have no reason to make or follow travel plans." - probably a Campaigner.

You love spontaneous trips, trying new things, making new friends, and exploring destinations on your own.


New Orleans

Vacation idea: Go carnival chasing - they usually involve lots of parties, spontaneous plans, and new connections, which all play to your strengths. You may also be able to turn it into a riveting career, like these other high-paying ways to make money while traveling.

Places: New Orleans, Ibiza, Spain; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Where to start: Check out sites like Carnivaland to find out where’s the next carnival  - and remember to book far in advance because flights and hotel prices skyrocket during carnival season.



Virtuosos (ISTP), Adventurers (ISFP), Entrepreneurs (ESTP), and Entertainers (ESFP) make up the Explorer role, and all share the observant (S) and prospecting (P) traits. They're known to be dexterous and quick thinkers who thrive in uncertainty. 

When traveling, they enjoy spontaneity, don't mind tourist attractions, and will take the more scenic route when possible.

ESFP - Entertainers 

Entertainers are outgoing, adventurous, and love to live life to the fullest. You’re probably the life of the party, with a good eye for aesthetics and luxury.

We see this trait show up in travel preferences as well. Entertainers are spontaneous, love visiting popular destinations and tourist attractions, and tend to make friends on trips.


St. Lucia

St. Lucia, West Indies

Vacation idea: Luxury getaways to match your taste for finer things.

Places: Austin, Texas; St. Lucia, West Indies; Lugano, Switzerland

Where to start: Just because it's luxurious doesn't mean it should cost an arm and a leg - here are a few budget-friendly luxury travel ideas to get the ball rolling.

ESTP - Entrepreneurs

Entertainers are high-energy, hands-on, and go-getters. You don't enjoy rigid plans or structure. Instead, you're okay with taking risks and figuring things out as they go, so no need for a super-detailed itinerary.

You’re likely to enjoy new and thrilling activities on vacations and skip out on package tours and all-inclusive resorts.


Vacation idea: High adrenaline adventures - find a destination with lots of outdoor activities, like rock climbing, surfing, and kayaking, that will push your limits and keep the adrenaline pumping.

Places: Aspen, Pokhara, Nepal; Chamonix, France

Where to start: Add these ultimate adventure trips to your travel bucket list.

ISFP - Adventurers

As the name implies, you love a good adventure. Like other Explorers, you prefer spontaneous trips to detailed travel plans. And since close connections are important to you, finding trips that involve loved ones will be right up your alley.


Kenai Peninsula 

Vacation ideas: Grab a few close friends and go on a spontaneous road trip - you can spice things up by adding a few challenges along the way.

Places: Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, Route 66, United States; North Coast 500, Scotland

ISTP - Virtuoso 

Virtuosos are big on spontaneous trips. You’re naturally curious and enjoy taking a hands-on mechanical approach to life.

You love exploring on your own and taking the more scenic route when on vacation.

Tokyo, Japan

Vacation idea: To get the most out of a vacation, look into hands-on opportunities to get to know other cultures - try learning a native art form, eat a traditional meal, or explore different time periods e.g., Festival Medieval de Sedan.

Places: Tokyo, Japan; Maasai, Kenya

Where to start: Dive into new cultures while saving the world with startups like Adventure.Travel



Sentinels share the Observant (S) and Judging (J) traits, which are held by Logisticians (ISTJ), Defenders (ISFJ), Executives (ESTJ), and Consuls (ESFJ). The key characteristics of Sentinels are a need for order, security, and stability. They love clear sets of rules and thrive in well-planned and meticulous environments.

Travel-wise, they're more likely to pick out organized package tours and resorts than any other role. They enjoy planning in detail for their vacation and will take steps to avoid unnecessary risks.

ESFJ - Consul

The Consul's defining trait is service to others and close commitment to loved ones. Your love for planning and ensuring "everything is just right" often leads you to host parties and care for everyone else.

You enjoy organized tours, packaged holidays, tourist attractions, and resorts when traveling.

California, Los Angeles

Vacation idea: Live it up at a music festival with close friends, or wind down in a picturesque, scenic location surrounded by family.

Places: Los Angeles, Paris, Switzerland.

ESTJ - Executives

ESTJs are big-time organizers. "You love to take on new projects and adventures, push people to their limits, and are very result-driven. When you make plans, you like to implement them immediately: just lounging around and "relaxing" is your visual representation of hell!"

You most likely enjoy visiting popular destinations and enjoy taking long, scenic routes when traveling.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vacation ideas: Large multi-city group tours or backpacking their way through popular top 10 lists.

Places: Copenhagen, Denmark; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Argentina

Where to start: The bigger the group, the better - here's a guide to planning big group travels.

ISFJ - Defenders

Defenders enjoy hard work and planning like their Sentinel peers. You may enjoy resorts, package tours, and tourist attractions but prefer less adrenaline-pumping activities - bungee jumping and skydiving are probably a no-no in your book.

Alberta, Canada 

Vacation idea: Being surrounded by a close-knit group of friends and taking in the views after a hike is an excellent way for you to get the downtime you deserve.

Places: Alberta, Canada; Sardinia, Italy

ISTJ – Logistician

Logisticians love detailed itineraries. Planning is your first priority when traveling. You organize your days to get to see and do everything on your list, and you’re happy to travel alone just so your plans aren’t disrupted.


Vacation idea: Like the Architect, you may enjoy touring old-world countries but with a twist - you prefer organized history-packed excursions rather than exploring on your own.

Places: Boston, Massachusetts; Prague, Czech Republic; Alexandria, Egypt

Where to start: Use apps and travel guides to plan itineraries so you don't miss out on the best bits.

There you have it, 16 personalities with 16 vacation ideas to try. Were these spot on, or did they miss the mark? Let us know!