Black Friday USA airline sales - what to expect in 2023

Black Friday USA airline sales - what to expect in 2023

    We refresh this article every year with new predictions, so you can have a better idea of what to expect by the time the next Black Friday sale comes around! 

    In the last year and a half, airlines have been dropping sales left, right, and center as that pandemic hangover has worn off and travel numbers are boosting back to pre-2020 levels. But, are these sales actually worth it?

    In this article, we’ve rounded up the best Black Friday deals from the most popular airlines we’ve seen in the past, to shed some light on what you can expect from this year’s sales.

    We’re focusing on US-based carriers and sales in this article, but we also have a rundown of what you can expect from the UK and Ireland over here. Aren’t we so kind?

    Round-trip flights to Europe under $300, Tahiti at $644 including a checked bag, and five-star flights to Osaka at $690 only scratched the surface of deals we found from across the country. 

    We’re also only going to run down the stuff that’s actually gonna give you the best bang for your buck. Airlines love to advertise “sales”, but with mediocre fares. We aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade, so you won’t see any of that stuff below. 

    It’s important to note, that even though we’re super awesome at finding our members great deals, we aren’t fortune-tellers. The predictions we’ve made about 2023's Black Friday and Cyber Monday flight deals are based on past trends, with a pinch of our flight expertise thrown in. 

    Since demand has been so high in the last 18 months, it’s highly likely that prices might be a smidge higher across the board than a few years back. We’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that 2023 will be the year of (good) surprises with everything back to (almost) normal! 

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    Southwest Airlines

    Cheap and cheerful flights including bags and a generous change policy make Southwest our favorite “no-frills” airline, hands down.

    And they aren’t afraid to put on a sale, either! Not only do they whack down their prices for Black Friday, but they’re also big fans of seasonal sales throughout the year. 

    When it comes to Black Friday, their M.O. is pretty clear, with domestic trips under 100 buckaroos.

    Through the years

    2019: Domestic trips all over the continental U.S. at $78 RT.

    2020: No BF sale, but they did have a Christmas/New Year’s sale for non-stop domestic flights all at $78 round trip, and Hawaii at $198 round trip. 

    2021: Cyber Monday sale for domestic trips across the continental U.S. at $78 RT. 

    2022: Cyber Monday sale across the continental U.S. starting at $90 RT.

    What we expect in 2023

    Southwest’s holiday debacle in 2022 ruined travel plans and lost them loads of goodwill. We’re pretty sure they’ll be more prepared for the season this time around as they spent the last few months preparing, not dropping any groundbreaking sales until just about last month. So this one really could go either way.

    We still expect a pretty nice sale from Southwest, with a focus on those coveted domestic jaunts. We’re hoping to see those flights in the $70s come back as they keep trying to put a smile on everyone’s face again.

    United Airlines

    United will get you from A to B and beyond, with a few more frills than a budget airline (but still no carry-on on their lowest domestic fares). 

    We really love that they fly to some harder-to-reach places like India, Tahiti, and Japan, and in the distant past, they’ve thrown us a bone with heavy discounts on these routes.

    But, in the last couple of years, they’ve focused more on short-haul destinations across the USA. We’ve got a pretty nice country here too, so who can blame ‘em?

    Through the years

    2019: Tokyo and Osaka with bags included in the low-$500s from Boston and Washington, D.C.

    2020: No BF sale, but they did have an unannounced summer sale across the country at $149 round trip, departing from the East & West Coasts. 

    2021: Non-stop flights to Hawaii and Cancun at $198 round trip. They also had a summer sale to Europe all under $480 round trip to places like Poland, Italy, Czechia, and Greece. 

    2022: No BF sale at all! Star Alliance partner Air Canada had a few good prices/sales but nothing from United.

    What to expect in 2023

    We didn’t hold it against United for not having a Black Friday sale in 2020, considering it was the worst year for travel. But we will hold it against them for not giving us any sale love in 2022.

    Shame! 2023 could go either way, with another year of disappointment, or United finally trying to get itself on the nice list again. If they go for the latter, expect domestic and Latin American drops, but hope for some of those far-flung Asian routes that have been hesitant to drop with this sky-high demand.

    But if they don’t give us a sale, prepare to read this article again in a year and watch our tone get even more scolding.

    Other airlines that are part of Star Alliance, like Air Canada & Lufthansa, might have better sales than United on their long-haul routes. So even if we might not see big sales with United directly, there’s a chance you’ll still see decent discounts from their partner airlines.

    Delta Air Lines

    Finally, we can extend a long-awaited welcome to Delta! Skytrax’s best North American airline finally gave us something to look at last Black Friday, even if it wasn’t too spectacular. Better this than nothing, right?

    Delta’s prices do skew a bit higher than other US airlines but they make up for it with an insane level of service. We’re talking about a commitment to free wifi across all their planes, seat-back entertainment screens on even the shortest of routes, and a generous route network.

    While they are that premium product, they finally caved with their first announced Black Friday sale last year, a true rarity for them. Here’s hoping for more of the same in 2023.

    Through the Years

    2019: No BF sale

    2020: No BF sale

    2021: No BF sale

    2022: Domestic and Caribbean routes in $90s-$370s RT, including LA to Austin and Boston to Buffalo at $90 RT.

    What to Expect in 2023

    Seeing as Delta is brand-new to this game, it’s a bit harder to make any kind of solid prediction. But, if you’re gonna twist our arm, we’re expecting more of the same, with drops all across their domestic network and to those laid-back Caribbean beaches.

    They also aren’t really a fan of announced sales. They usually shy away to make their product seem a bit more premium. So, don’t be surprised if they take another break from the Black Friday game in 2023.

    They do often drop their prices outside of sales, though. So even if they don't advertise huge sales, they still might be the cheapest way to get you to those far-flung corners of the world.

    American Airlines

    In 2022, American completed the run of every single major American airline having had a Black Friday sale at some point in the last few years. Pop the champagne.

    In all seriousness, American is the world’s biggest airline and has the most robust network, so seeing them drop a BF sale is always a good thing. Especially as they usually tend to shy away from sales just like their friends at Delta, positioning their product on that more premium tier.

    When they do have any advertised sales, they usually stick to domestic and short-haul international departures. They’re nice and all, but we’re hoping for something a little more, I don’t know, grand this year.

    Through the Years

    2019: No BF sale

    2020: No BF sale

    2021: No BF sale

    2022: Domestic and Caribbean destinations in $90s-$330s RT, including New York to San Juan at $138 RT non-stop

    What to Expect in 2023

    While 2022’s sale wasn’t all that special, it should be a sign of big things a-coming for the airline. At the very least, we’ll see a repeat of 2022’s offering with fares across the US and Caribbean about as low as you’ll ever see American go.

    That doesn’t mean we can’t expect better from them. We’d love to see them finally discount some of their more in-demand destinations outside of this continent, including non-stops to Brazil, Japan & Australia. While they do have flights on these routes, they almost never offer anything cheaper than their competitors. We believe in you, American!.

    There’s also a pretty decent chance that they don’t have a sale at all. In that case, shame on them. But also, they should still have some pretty good rates across the board, even if those far-flung corners remain just out of reach. 

    Turkish Airlines

    If you’re hoping to get to some of the world’s exotic destinations, Turkish Airlines is your best bet, since they fly to more countries than any other airline out there. And they’ll never let you forget it. 

    We hadn’t seen much sale action from them until 2021, when, out of the blue, they jumped on the bandwagon with both a Black Friday and a New Year’s sale!

    And then they went quiet in 2022 with no sale at all. We’re really just getting bamboozled here, huh?

    Through the years

    2019: No BF sale. 

    2020: No BF sale. 

    2021: Sale across Europe, Africa, Middle East in $400s-$670s, with checked bags. Including Malta at $483 and Egypt at $579.

    2022: No BF sale.

    What to expect in 2023

    We’re pretty hopeful that Turkish Airlines will finally get back to another Black Friday deal this year, since they showered us with cheap worldwide flights a few years back. Of late, they’ve been one of the cheaper options to get to some of Europe’s more remote corners in the last year (looking at you, Romania). 

    If they do come out swinging, expect another monster sale, with most of their international routes like Kenya, the UAE, Turkey, and Italy. 

    Keep an eye out for a potential New Year’s sale, too. Their discounts weren’t as nice as their Black Friday sale in 2021, but they still had pretty reasonable fares to Asia which remains all the rage.

    Without a sale, they still have one of the best networks with pretty good service, so they’re not a bad option. But the naughty list is just getting longer and longer…


    Talk about a bounce-back! Avianca has come out in blazing glory in the last 12 months with huge price cuts all across Central & South America without ever really announcing a sale. Over here in cheap flight land, we felt like we saw a new drop from them every single day and we just had to keep letting our members know about them.  

    When they finally drop their BF sales, they’re usually a little timid in comparison. Their sale in 2022 was basically a copy of 2021’s, but remember that Avianca does not include a carry-on in its base fare. So while they may be the cheapest (and often only) option to lots of Latin America, look to carry-on included COPA for a better bargain.

    Through the years

    2019: 40% off all flights to Central and South America. 

    2020: No BF sale. 

    2021:  Central & South America in $100s-$410s round trip, including Bogotá from Washington, D.C. at $184 and non-stop to San Salvador at $132 from New York. 

    2022: Central & South America in $200s-$400s round trip, including non-stops from Houston to El Salvador at $242 and New York to Guatemala at $280.

    What to expect in 2022

    Avianca’s recovered with flying colors since its bankruptcy in 2020, with fresh investments and reduced debts. But we’re focused on the sale here.

    We think we’ll get a similar sale to last year since Avianca covered the main routes that depart from the US. We’ve noticed a few drops seep through in the last few months which has us hopeful for that massive sale it just seems like they’re waiting to unleash. Time to wait and see.

    Spirit Airlines

    Given the particularly precarious situation that many airlines found themselves in over the pandemic, we’re giving props to Spirit for pushing through with a very solid Black Friday sale in 2020. 

    Unsurprisingly, though, we haven’t seen those kinds of jaw-dropping fares (75% off!) since the *dun dun dun* before times. 2021 was pretty good with cross-country flights at $41 but they pivoted in 2022 to focus on loyalty points over actual sales. Boooo! 

    Spirit isn’t one to usually pop up out of nowhere with a flash sale, so if you’re looking for those dirt-cheap domestic trips that they basically always have around, they’ll be your best bet. 

    Through the years

    2019: 75% off round-trip flights. 

    2020: One-way domestic flights at $20.21 (get it?)

    2021: Domestic flights at $41 RT. 

    2022: 2x membership points when buying flights and holiday packages. No discounts on airfare directly

    What to expect in 2023

    Honestly, we don't think you'll have any mega discounts to look forward to this year. Spirit may have an announced sale and we’ll be happily surprised if they do, but it's more likely that they'll just push their membership program again instead of those cheap flights we all want. 

    If they do surprise, expect those $20 one-way domestic cross-country fares, with a few up to $40 thrown in there. If they don’t, the naughty list is just getting longer and longer. Especially if they keep the Caribbean and Latin America locked away!

    Alaska Airlines

    An Alaska Black Friday sale is almost a certainty - they absolutely love doling out discounted fares across their domestic and regional routes every holiday season. 

    While we’ve seen them slash fares on some of their Mexican, Hawaiian, and Central American routes in previous Black Fridays, 2022’s continental US-only sale was a bit of a letdown compared to previous years. 

    Through the years

    2019: Domestic flights at $89 RT, with main cabin tickets at $109 RT.

    2020: Domestic and selected Central America (including Belize, Costa Rica, and Mexico). 

    2021: Hawaii at $158 RT, and Mexico in $250s.

    2022: Domestic cross-country flights in $180s-$190s

    What to expect in 2023

    You’ll definitely be able to snag a nice fare from the West Coast to the smaller airports that don’t often see a whole lot of sale action, like Redmond, OR, and Bozeman, MT, under $150 round trip. Plus, you’ll likely see more cross-country action.

    But you might not be as lucky with their Central American and Hawaiian routes in this year’s sale we’re hoping for those prime high-season dates & destinations once again. Here’s to a potential refocus on those more far-flung routes instead of domestic everything.

    CC image of Norse Atlantic Airways, courtesy of Nils Mosberg on flickr

    Norse Atlantic Airways

    Norse Atlantic has revived the long-haul, low-cost, point-to-point model and they’re trying their hardest to finally make it work. Door-busting sales, Super Bowl ads, and playing off the name recognition of the no-longer-stateside Norwegian Airlines, they’ve made quite the splash in their 16 months of operation.

    The jury’s still out on if this business model will actually work but we’re just happy to see another competitor ferrying us across to Europe for super duper cheap.

    They don’t offer connections of any kind, so you are limited by their network. But, they do fly from 6 destinations across the US to huge European hubs like Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, and Oslo. So you can always fork up a bit more money to fly within the continent once you make it across the pond. 

    Through the Years

    2022: New York, LA, and Fort Lauderdale to Berlin and Oslo non-stop in $270s-$380s RT

    What to Expect in 2023

    Norse is no stranger to sales; in fact, it’s basically their whole business model. And it probably will be pretty easy to predict too: they’re gonna drop fares across their whole network into the $300s RT with some even dropping into the $270s-$290s RT range.

    Done? Not quite… While these are very cheap fares, do know they come with literally no perks. You’re paying for just a seat. So they might not actually be the cheapest way to get you across the Atlantic if you’re traveling with loads of baggage or picky eaters.

    We’re holding out hope that this newest sale won’t be just on their cheapest tickets but also on their more premium class offerings (read: basically a normal airline ticket to Europe). And if they don’t have an announced Black Friday sale, they most certainly will have a Christmas or New Year’s one.

    SAS Airlines

    Unsurprisingly, Scandinavian Airlines has focused on, well, Scandinavian destinations in their past sales, usually in the mid-to-high $300s from the East Coast and the mid-$400s from the West. 

    SAS loves to come alive outside the typical Black Friday period - last year, they chose to drop the majority of their routes in October for spring trips to Scandinavia, France, Germany, Poland, and Italy with similar prices to Black Friday.  

    Through the years

    2019: Scandinavia, Finland, and other European countries at $349 RT. 

    2020: No Black Friday sale, but they did run a small New Year’s sale from Chicago and New York to Scandinavia in the high $300s. 

    2021: Scandinavia in $360s RT from Chicago.

    2022: Sweden & Norway starting at $358 RT

    What to expect in 2023

    SAS will have a sale,  we can almost guarantee that. The airline has basically had a sale every single month of the last year, always finding any kind of occasion to celebrate. You’ll definitely see routes across Scandi, with some of those harder-to-reach airports like Bergen and Stavanger the highlights.

    But don’t put mainland Europe out of the question for them either. They're usually one of the absolute cheapest ways to hit the continent from across the US, and their more recent sales (including one in October 2023) have focused on destinations like Zurich, Spain & France.

    Maybe, just maybe, we’ll even see them put their route to Tokyo Haneda to good use. There’s a first time for everything after all :-) 

    CC image of Iceland Air Group, courtesy of Riik@mctr on flickr


    Icelandair and Black Friday go together like flies and fly swatters (stick with us here). Sure, they might not be the easiest to pin down together but when they do make contact, there’s some sweet karmic retribution. And by that, we mean round-trip flights to Europe under $400 RT. Make sense? 

    Though it’s been a while since the joys of their 2020 sale, a really big splat, their more recent sales have still put a smile on our faces (or a fly out of the room, metaphorically speaking). 

    Through the years

    2019: No Black Friday sale.

    2020: Huge sale across Europe, including the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, and Scandinavia under $510 round trip. 

    2021: Iceland, Scandinavia, Netherlands, and France in under $390 round trip from Orlando and Seattle. 

    2022: Europe on discount, with highlights including DC to Paris & NYC to Helsinki at $367 RT.

    What to expect in 2023

    We really hope to see Icelandair bring back the looong list of destinations to rival what they pulled out of the bag in 2020 but we’re really not crossing our fingers for it this year.

    Icelandair has really great connections across Europe being based in Iceland, essentially halfway between both continents, helps! But they seem to have settled into the same Scandi-focused Black Friday lane as SAS, alongside cheap, non-stop flights to Reykjavík. 

    Still, their main business model remains connecting budget-savvy American travelers to Europe, so there’s always a pretty big chance that those super sweet mainland Europe fares come a-knocking. Or a-splatting. Yeah, this metaphor still makes sense.

    CC image of PLAY, courtesy of Roy Grummitt on flickr


    Speaking of connecting through Iceland, do you want to do it for just a bit cheaper but lose every single perk? Welcome to PLAY. This low-cost airline is taking after the now-defunct WOW Air, offering ultra-low-cost fares on single-aisle jets across the Atlantic.

    They love sales as well, as they’re still trying to establish themselves in both the US and European markets. And while the stability of that business model is still in question, what’s not is the lowest prices you’ll basically ever see to cross that ocean.

    They finally joined the Black Friday party last year with the best fares being to Hamburg in Germany. But their route network is pretty sizable and they dropped across the board, even if the prices didn’t stand out massively.

    Through the Years

    2021: No BF sale

    2022: Boston, New York, and DC to Hamburg, Germany at $378 RT

    What to expect in 2023

    PLAY will drop a sale, the question is how much of a deal it will actually be. Since they offer sales just about every other month, their low fares are pretty familiar and we don’t cover them as often as they might want us to.

    You can expect their non-stops from the US to Iceland in the $250s RT and their flights to mainland Europe in the $330s-$380s RT. That’s pretty sweet, but like we said for Norse above, their add-ons add up. So consider other options and make sure they're as cheap as it gets.

    We love to see the competition from airlines like PLAY and we hope to see those bargain bin fares go even lower, which could start this very Black Friday. After all, it has been a few months since the last big PLAY sale so our hopes are as high as ever.

    Aer Lingus

    We’ve gotta give it to Aer Lingus for sticking with their Black Friday deals through thick and thin, especially when other airlines threw in the towel once COVID sunk its teeth into the travel world. 

    They haven’t all been jaw-dropping discounts, but a sale’s a sale and we’re not gonna complain too much. 2022’s Black Friday sale was solid enough, even if 2021 and 2019 were a bit better bargains by our standards.

    They cover the typical routes across Europe, but if there’s one thing that sets them apart is the handy security preclearance in Dublin

    Through the years

    2019: $100 off economy class flights or $200 off business class flights on transatlantic flights from the USA/Canada to Europe.

    2020: All of Europe under $590 round trip with a checked bag. Including the Isle of Man at $533 and Switzerland at $463. 

    2021: Up to $300 off round-trip flights across Europe for West Coast and up to $200 off flights from the rest of the US.

    2022: $100 off economy and $200 off business class flights across Europe, with non-stops to Dublin being the big star in the $350s-$450s RT.

    What to expect in 2023

    One thing is for certain: they’ll definitely be having another Black Friday Sale. As for the routes, we’re hoping for since Europe has fully re-opened, we’ll want a bigger sale that includes Austria, Croatia, and France. 

    We’ve seen Aer Lingus loads in the last year, especially on smaller routes with the UK and Ireland to places like Donegal, Newquay, and Liverpool in the low to mid $400s. So, we’re gonna set those kinds of routes as the floor and it can also go up from there.  

    If we’re really lucky, maybe we’ll finally see discounts on their flights all the way to Australia, as long as you’re cool with spending a few days in Dublin and a few hours in Abu Dhabi.

    Copa Airlines

    Copa Airlines has been dipping its toe into the Black Friday pond recently, first with a focus on the Caribbean and Central America in 2020 (special shoutout for Nicaragua coverage, a rarity these days!), followed up a year later with our least favorite type of sale air miles. 

    In general, the airline isn’t fond of announced sales we haven’t seen a summer or New Year’s sale from them in recent years, either. But they are fond of competing with Avianca and actually offering a carry-on (so novel) so we might be in for a surprise.

    Through the years

    2019: No Black Friday sale. 

    2020: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras under $300 round trip.

    2021: 40% discount on ConnectMiles when you buy 3,000 or more.

    2022: A sale so dull we didn’t even cover it, not even with quick fares to Panama. The best prices were focused on regional flights in South America, which didn’t help us a ton.

    What to expect in 2023

    Last year was really really uninspiring. Miami to Panama at almost $300? New York to Panama over $400 RT??? Not only are those not deals, but they’re actually just really expensive in general.

    COPA has been kind in the last 12 months though, as competition with Avianca has routinely popped made the cheapest way to jet down to S.A. We’ve even seen loads of deals to Brazil, a slow starter after the pandemic, with routes like Miami to Belo Horizonte at $312 RT.

    We’re hoping last year was a fluke and the 12 months since show a renewed interest in actually flying us around for cheap. If they do, expect their Panama hub to get some love, plus the rest of South America. 

    We’re especially keen on those Chile and Brazil deals, but Peru is pretty sweet too. We might even get a drop on some of their upgraded economy fares, which include a checked bag.

    TAP Air Portugal

    Well, well, well, TAP certainly loves a blanket discount. Unsurprisingly, they have become a little more conservative as the pandemic has gone on and their privatization has gone up, but considering TAP’s prices are on the cheaper side of things anyway, it’s still allowed you to pick up a pretty good deal to basically everywhere in Europe.

    While that 2020 Black Friday sale got us really excited - we got  Agadir on the coast of Morocco, and places as far away as Cape Town, for the same price as a nice non-stop fare to Italy or the UK - that’s probably a thing of the past. TAP’s focus in the years since has been continental Europe only and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

    Through the years

    2019: No BF Sale, but they did run a sale in February of the same year, offering 50% off all routes. 

    2020: East coast to Ibiza, South Africa, Croatia, and Morocco under $480 round trip. 

    2021: 20% discount on all routes.

    2022: Flights across Europe, with a focus on Spain. Best prices in the $250s-$260s, including New York to Malaga at $261

    What to expect in 2023

    Expect something a bit more subdued for TAP this year, especially as they’re in the process of going private and losing that sweet government money. While our fingers are still crossed for the Azores, Canaries, and Morocco, expect mainland Spain & Portugal, with maybe some France & Italy thrown in.

    While TAP hasn’t necessarily been huge on sales recently, their Black Friday history has us hopeful that this is a holiday circled in too-thick-a-red-line on their calendar for them to ignore. A return of those $250s fares to Iberia would be especially nice (as even true budget airlines like Norse and PLAY struggle to go that low), but how about $250s to Italy or Switzerland this time? We really wouldn’t complain.


    LATAM might have been crowned by Skytrax as the best airline in South America, but they’re losing some of that cheap flight reputation to competitors. Avianca and COPA have undercut LATAM’s pricing lately, with more robust networks and frequent sales, but LATAM has still managed to rally up some decent deals over the years, especially since Brazil and Chile are usually pretty expensive to reach. 2021’s Black Friday discount of 50% was the clear winner here.

    Through the years

    2019: Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador in $440s-$670s round trip. 

    2020:  Brazil under $480 round trip from New York and Boston. 

    2021: 50% off flights to Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

    2022: 40% off flights to South America, but only after marking up their prices big time beforehand. Destinations like Lima & Bogota in the $500s-$700s RT.

    What to expect in 2023

    Our optimism in 2022 is now met with extreme pessimism in 2023. LATAM seems to be positioning itself in a more-luxury bracket with COPA and Avianca now being the primary ways to reach Latin America for cheap. Last year’s “sale” prices were really bad and indicative of an airline not really trying to play nice anymore.

    If we do see deals, expect Miami, as it’s where they have the strongest base, and expect farther destinations like Argentina and Chile as they can actually justify those higher price points.

    But one more year of fake sale sales, and LATAM might be removed from this article entirely (with a tear welling in our eyes). 

    Cathay Pacific

    Wow, Cathay Pacific’s 2019 Black Friday sale was absolutely insane! The number of hard-to-reach and rare destinations across all corners of Southeast Asia is just impossible for our post-pandemic minds to compute. 

    They finally came back in 2022, welcoming Asia’s reopening with deals from all over the West Coast. Taipei, Jakarta, Manila, Osaka & Hong Kong at $690 RT? It might not be pre-pandemic doorbusters but that’s pretty good for fares we basically only see in the $1000s nowadays.

    Through the years

    2019: South East Asia under $620 round trip, including Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Taiwan.

    2020: No BF sale. 

    2021: 50% off a second ticket when two people fly together, 25% off on three or more tickets, and a contribution to offset your carbon emissions.

    2022: Deals to Southeast Asia from LA & SF under $700 RT, including Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan.

    What to expect in 2023

    With air travel to Asia back up and running, and demand at all-time highs, airlines will probably hold off on dropping their prices to the crazy lows we once saw. Pre-pandemic prices are likely a thing of the past.

    While we might have been bit a pessimistic last year, their big showing in 2022 has us excited for this year. Southeast Asia will be the name of the game, with fares to Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia likely being the highlights. Don’t expect places where demand is literally off the charts, like mainland China and Japan though.

    What we’d really like to see is their non-West Coast connections to pop back up. Chicago and New York have each had their Cathay service resume recently so that could hopefully mean cheap flights resume. 

    Other Airlines

    Wait… what about KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Qatar and countless other airlines out there? 

    Well, it doesn’t mean they don’t do Black Friday sales, just that we haven’t seen them produce anything that’s truly deal-worthy for the U.S. market, in our expert opinion. You might find them on our other article that explains airline sales.

    We only share sales that are truly deals. That means good value and historically low prices when compared against all of their competitors.

    So if there’s an airline you like to fly with, it’s always going to be worth checking for a sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Just because we haven’t listed it here, it doesn’t mean they don’t have some discounts.

    We would always recommend checking the price of a flight you’re interested in a week or two before sale time, so you know exactly how much they’ve actually discounted it on the day. Airlines like to get creative with how they advertise their prices sometimes.


    You’re now ready for the big day - you now know the history and our predictions for every airline we’ve seen in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales from the US.

    We’ll keep this article up to date, so you can bookmark it and use it year after year as a handy sale season money-saving guidebook.

    Of course, if you want to know about the sales as they happen, you should sign up for Jack’s Flight Club if you aren’t already a member. Finding cheap flights (all year round) is kinda our thing :-)